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(Black) magic is simply the manipulation
of electromagnetic energy with will and intent.

Max Spiers

Marketing can be a dangerous game.

As we craft the words for positioning our products and services for sale, how deeply do we examine our intent behind those words? Are we blindly yet willingly perpetuating the status quo because we think that’s the only way to be successful in business? Are we unknowingly participating in the tyranny of manipulation marketing with personal or professional agendas in attempts to commodify people?

gridworkWhen you look closely at – and feel into – the energetic gridwork of most marketing content within the entrepreneurial world (websites, programs, books, sales pages, ads, campaigns, etc.) you will see and sense a distinct layer; a counter-cross-hatched complexity that is intended to undermine and override one’s sense of what’s right for them… ultimately, yet not surprisingly, for the direct benefit of the marketer.

If you have an agenda – any agenda – you’re spell-casting. You’re using a strategic methodology to get people to do what you want them to do.

agendaAgenda comes in many subtle nuances and it’s often easier to see (and feel) if you know the myriad ways it can show up. If you are using words to cajole, coerce, convert, entice, seduce or even mildly-influence people into taking the actions you place in their path – directing them to your *#)&ing 😳 sales funnel, corraling them into signing up for your mailing list or blogroll, getting them to your latest offering with a “squeeze page” (yes, it’s actually called a “squeeze page” to channel people into taking the action proposed), converting them to an over-priced service based on a fabricated value or offering a free consultation in a seemingly innocuous attempt to assess their value to youTHAT IS MANIPULATION.

We spell words with letters.
Those words are woven into our marketing content.
That process is the art of spell-casting.

Opposite Polarities, Same Spectrum

If, according to Max Spiers, black magic is the manipulation of electromagnetic energy with will and intent, then white magic, too, is the manipulation of electromagnetic energy with will and intent. Whatever your agenda – world domination (black) or building a business by commodifying people (white?) – spell-casting IS spell-casting. PERIOD.

white magicThe difference with white magic is that we justify our actions by cloaking them in spiritual language like “good,” “light,” “purposeful,” “helping,” “service,” “empowerment,” and create our products and services from this platform. And it is that justification that perpetuates marketing tyranny.

It’s important to understand:

Black energies and white energies
are the polarity ends of THE SAME SPECTRUM.

It’s time to wake up and consciously create AN ENTIRELY NEW SPECTRUM free of our personal influence. Via heightened sensitivities, we now have access to elevated ways of being and living.

We can engage electromagnetic energy from a very different perspective; with the will and intent to have no compromising personal or professional agenda(s). It is only then that the organizing forces of natural attraction have the full range to orchestrate the perfect people, events and synchronicities in the highest interest of all.

conscious creationThis is not an easy exploration, for sure, but it is vital for heart-sourced, purpose-driven, spiritually-inspired, awareness-oriented business owners if we want to BE and PORTRAY in full congruence.

It is essential to eliminate all manipulative agendas from our language, our marketing endeavors, and our everyday practices. And raw examination is the only way to honestly see how we are actively and ongoingly complicit in marketing manipulations. From there we can choose differently.

We have a responsibility to our collaborators, clients and customers because they deserve way better from us than even our very best marketing manipulation. As we consistently hold ourselves to a higher accountability, the agenda-base will become obsolete.