Why do you need a Conscious Copywriter?

The 8 most compelling reasons to collaborate with a Conscious Copywriter:

  1. To launch and/or grow your evolutionary business.
    Conscious Copywriters know precisely how to situate your business for emergence, or take your business to a higher turn of its purpose. They grok your vision, establish a strategic plan to achieve your intended goals, develop a language that resonates with your ideal audience, align the energetics of your message and position your offerings with maximum leverage. That’s a winning combination for business-building with the might of words.
  2. To speak the same spiritual language which saves you time, energy & money.
    There’s no substitute for someone who understands the unique nature of business based in principles of self-awareness, consciousness, ascension, evolution and 5D living. Most likely, your Conscious Copywriter speaks this language. Like you, they have been on a spiritual journey and this common experience makes the creative process much easier. You don’t have to explain the intricacies. They already get it. This saves you a lot of time and energy, and when you save your copywriter time, YOU save $.

    When you speak the same language, it gives you an advantage. From the very first meeting, your Conscious Copywriter can relate to you and that naturally lends itself to an accurate interpretation of your vision, an understanding of the precise language and energetics to best feature your offerings, and the implementation of an effective strategy to accomplish your goals. All of this happens under the larger umbrella of Divine Guidance which is the woo-woo way to say that Conscious Copywriters use a plethora of technical and esoteric skills to accomplish your business goals with the power of words.
  3. To be heard, understood and championed in a nurturing environment for your business success.
    Your Conscious Copywriter brings much more to your project than mere words. The process of hiring a Conscious Copywriter, sharing your ideas, and having them assign specific language & energetics so you can live your purpose through business is a vulnerable act. No doubt you don’t fit into the mainstream. You never have. Your way of being, your way of navigating life, and your ideas are inspired by other realms. The same is probably true of your Conscious Copywriter.

    It’s important throughout the creative collaborative process that you’re free to express FULLY. It’s only in authentic sharing with your Conscious Copywriter that they can bring your dreams into the spotlight with the right language. You’ll be supported the entire way.
  4. To have your wildest business ideas/products/services materialize with the power of potent word-choice by someone who knows what they’re doing and as importantly, why they’re doing what they’re doing.
    The art of Conscious Copywriting is more than just throwing together a few spiritual words and calling it a day. There is no “formula” and it cannot be faked. The process comprises complexities and nuances that are quite subtle. One must be attuned and actively listening. Understanding the language & energetics of spirituality, evolution + ascension paired with a professional writing skillset is THE WAY for you to get the precise marketing content to entice your readers to action (but without manipulation or coersion!) and ultimately, realize your business goals.
  5. To play an active role in igniting the marketing “invitation methodology” and replacing the old model based in manipulation and coersion.
    This singular distinction sets your business apart in a big way. Clients & customers of Conscious Entrepreneurs are savvy. They feel when they read copy intended to sell by intimidation, manipulation or coersion and they turn elsewhere because there’s simply no resonance. Worse, this tired approach lacks integrity and authenticity. Be assured they will remember that frequency.Creating false lack, agitating pain points, leading with fear and telling clients or customers what’s right for them based on the selling agenda d’jour is insulting. There’s an alternative: With Conscious Copywriting, you have a proven method to feature what you sell in a way that is honorable, effective and feels good to you and your audience.
  6. To template an entirely new business model.
    The business world is evolving quickly. Be ahead of the masses. As a Conscious Entrepreneur, your stuff is A*W*E*S*O*M*E and this is your opportunity to stand out without selling out. You don’t need to convince anyone to buy anything. Prospects will feel the sincerity of an invitation that details the benefits you offer and then leaves them alone to decide what’s right for them. THEY know. Energetics and resonant words magnetize those customers and clients who are a perfect fit for what you’re offering. They don’t need to be convinced.
  7. To expand New Earth language and energetics through business.
    Conducting business with a New Earth approach is a revolutionary act. Capturing that New Earth approach with language is an emerging art. These artisans are called Conscious Copywriters. Together we upend convention to insert a better, more holistic approach to selling… one that feels fitting for these extraordinary times.
  8. To focus on what you do best.
    You’re a business owner, not a professional copywriter. As an entrepreneur, you have a business to manage and grow with strategic planning and implementation. If you don’t have the time, interest or savvy to write your own content, it’s essential for the sustainability of your business to delegate your business-building and marketing writing to a pro. Your Conscious Copywriter is devoted to helping you realize your dreams by doing what they love most: writing. Focus on what you LOVE; delegate the rest.