about EditCopyProof

Serving a worldwide clientele, EditCopyProof™ is an expression of Charlon Bobo’s voracious passion and fierce commitment to deliver savvy wordsmithing solutions to spiritual, new-thought + new paradigm business owners who require the expertise of a competent professional writer and online marketer with an unparalleled skill set.

As a business (r)evolutionary, Charlon embodies the terms leading-edge and new-thought leader. (R)evolutionizing traditional copywriting with a combined emphasis on integrity- and heart-based language, she is a true innovator.

As we navigate these extraordinary times, and shift into new ways of marketing our products and services, a new language is emerging. This new language cannot be faked or manipulated; it must be authentic and based in your genuine desire to serve. Charlon understands the complexities of this new language, and the most subtle nuances between copy that works and copy that doesn’t.

Beyond a mere skill, Charlon’s unique methodology elevates copywriting to an art form performed by a true master who is willing to exist on the edge of the creative abyss, allowing it to lead to a completely new way of being and doing. That’s what these (r)evolutionary times require.

Charlon’s unwavering commitment to the success of evolutionary entrepreneurs just like you ensures that your unique offerings are featured in a way that benefit both you and your ideal customers.

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