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The tyranny of marketing manipulation must end.

Traditional marketing tactics based in fear,
coercion & manipulation have no place or purpose
in the businesses of heart-sourced, purpose-driven,
spiritually-inspired, awareness-oriented entrepreneurs.

The days of overt manipulations are over (although we may see and experience remnants for a loooooong while). That was Version 1.0.

Actively dismantling now are the covert marketing manipulations; what I term “next-gen marketing ploys.” They are Version 2.0.

A brief backstory: When the numbers of spiritual seekers surged a few years ago, fresh but equally-ensnaring, manipulative marketing methods were introduced and implemented. Cunning predators saw a golden opportunity to commodify the emerging enlightened masses by using spiritual language and feigned relationship machinations (as only two examples of many) to cash in on the sensitivity and vulnerability of this market. Slippery. Clever. Effective. For awhile.

Now, we are embarking on the path of Version 3.0 in which the entire marketing industry – including peripheral industries like business coaching, advertising + copywriting – is being eclipsed by the infusion of integrity, authenticity, ethics & values to catapult service entrepreneurship onto a new trajectory, because…

The tyranny of marketing manipulation must end.

no tyranny


As we become more sensitive to issues of genderism, sexism, racism, classism – and all the other -isms – it is time for us as New Earth leaders to increase our awareness and intimately understand that language is an energetic carrier of the truth of our intent. It is an incorruptible frequency. It cannot be faked by even the most adept at manipulation.

We have been enticed and conditioned
to use our businesses as platforms to
commodify people and monetize creativity.

There’s another way. There has to be. On every level, manipulation isn’t working. It is beneath us. It is an outdated model/frequency in all its expressions, whether in business marketing, personal relationships, governments, medical institutions, Wall Street, etc.

People are NOT commodities,
to be coerced in the direction of our
personal or professional agendas.

Personally speaking, I have no desire to cajole, coerce, convert, entice, seduce, talk or even mildly-influence people into ANYTHING. Even the idea makes me nauseous. And it’s not because I am uncomfortable having a pure conversation. I can do that all day long. It makes me ill because people deserve to be met with sovereignty. In my calculations, manipulations + sovereignty don’t compute. When it comes to business, it’s even more true because in business there’s an implied responsibility – at least to me – to model sovereign reverence as it relates to collaborators (customers/clients).

People know what’s right for them. I trust that completely. Why? Because I can do nothing else at this point. Even if it cannibalizes my business success, I have no intention or agenda to steer people in the direction of my *#)&ing 😳 sales funnel, corral them into signing up for my mailing list or convert them to an over-priced service based on a fabricated value.


If, after a complimentary 30-minute chat, we want to collaborate, we’ll know it. If we don’t, we’ll know that, too, but we will get to that understanding with pure intent, not some fake, formulaic template or energetically-dishonorable scheme that compromises Who We Are in the process.

If we stand true-and-tall in touting ourselves as conscious/spiritual/service entrepreneurs, that reveals via the intent behind our spoken and written words.
 Our words carry the intent. There is no need for a personal or professional agenda. Results/next steps will bubble-up with crystal-clarity. You’ll absolutely know what to do next. The path will be clear. People, events and synchronicities will magnetize to you because that’s the nature of pure intent.

meme – resonance


Why am I so adamant about treating people as sovereign, who know the truth of themselves to make the purchases that are right for them without my interference or influence?

Two words: personal experience.

Throughout the life of my business, I have been exposed to – and advised by – self-proclaimed “spiritual coaches” and “conscious entrepreneurs” who implemented marketing and sales practices that – according to my moral compass – were way out of energetic integrity. Their tactics contained manipulative qualities, however subtle or cleverly-disguised. And I could always feel that something was misaligned.

wordsSomething niggled at me for a very long time before I understood the dynamics of what was happening on an energetic level. Words are precious and they were being used to manipulate the sale. Ewww.
 For whatever reason, that impacted me… deeply. It literally hurt my heart. As a highly sensitive person – and a writer who reverently values the might of words – my entire being revolted.

Unscrupulous marketing practices of ANY flavor
 didn’t work for me then and they won’t work for me now, no matter how many esteemed, 
modern-day marketing, sales or “spiritual” gurus/coaches/experts tout these practices.
 I see through, and feel through, thinly-veiled attempts to sell because I can see and feel the intent in spite of the carefully-chosen words used. 
You probably can, too. Ultimate truth seeps through language via the channel of frequency.

In conclusion…

seedlingI plant these words as seeds. I don’t have the answers – or an offer, program, private FB group, elite mastermind, eBook or system – to discover how we get from here to a business marketing utopia in which manipulations of all colors have been emancipated from our cellular structures and we no longer source from that dark well.

All I know is that we don’t need to. Pure intent is our beacon now and I invite you to open-heartedly examine the intent behind the language you use to market your products and services.

I am in that process myself and it has taken me in a direction I never anticipated. It is an all-encompassing endeavor. I had to step away from focusing on my business growth because in this moment, this pursuit – and whatever awaits on the other side of this exploration – entices me to take a much closer look. It feels important.

newspaper editedI envision a time in the near future in which I read this headline in a prominent news outlet: Conscious Entrepreneurs Forge a Fresh Path to Eclipse the Tyranny of Manipulation in Marketing. To that end…

I am turning to fully face this dominant signature
of manipulation to see what else I can
from inside the belly-of-the-beast.

I’m going in because the tyranny of marketing manipulation must end.
This is my contribution. What’s yours?