your COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute consultation

As a word-weaver, my genius is crafting
the captivating and resonant marketing materials
so you help more people and grow your business.

I know exactly how to bring your voice to the forefront
with precise language so you are powerfully-positioned
to make a real difference to others in alignment
with your unique goals and dreams.

With a signature approach
comprised of a strong copywriting skill set,
15+ years of experience working intimately with
heart-sourced, purpose-driven, spiritually-inspired,
awareness-oriented business owners, and deep listening –
I spin word-straw into word-gold.

If you are inspired to connect, feel free to schedule a 30-minute chat using the red button below.
You will have the gift of my full attention without a sales agenda. Together we will follow our inspiration and discover if we have a fertile, organic basis for collaborating.

What’s my motive?

I value transparency. It saves us both precious resources of time & energy.

My methodology is simple: my services resonate, or they don’t. We are soul-matched or we’re not. 

You are not a commodity to me, to be coerced in the direction of my personal or professional agenda. I have no desire to entice, cajole, seduce, coerce, talk or even mildly-influence you into ANYTHING.You know what’s right for you. I trust that completely and will treat you with the sovereignty you deserve. I have no agenda to steer you in the direction of my *#)&ing 😳 sales funnel, corral you into signing up for my mailing list or convert you to an over-priced service, high in flash and low in substance that in the end, disappoints. [GAG]

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If, after our chat, we want to collaborate, we’ll know it. If we don’t, we’ll know that, too, but we will get to that understanding with pure intent, not some fake, formulaic template or energetically-dishonorable scheme that compromises Who We Are in the process. We are better than that.

I source and trust from infinitely-abundant personal, professional, spiritual and intuitive wellsprings. When I treat you as sovereign, self-sourced and knowing, that’s where, when and how collaborative magick happens. And you’ll know it by how it feels. Anything else is a manipulation.

Why am I so adamant about treating you as a sovereign being who knows the truth of your own heart?

Two words: personal experience.

Throughout the life of my business, I have been advised by and exposed to “spiritual” coaches and “enlightened” entrepreneurs who implement marketing and sales practices that – according to my moral compass – were way out of energetic integrity. Their tactics always contained manipulative qualities, however cleverly-disguised. And I could always feel that something was misaligned. Something niggled at me for a very long time before I understood the dynamics of what was happening on an energetic level. Words are precious and they were being used to manipulate.

Unscrupulous marketing practices of ANY flavor
won’t work for me, no matter how many esteemed,
modern-day marketing or sales gurus tout these practices.
I see and feel through their often elaborate machinations.
You probably do, too.

There’s another way. There has to be. Current sales and marketing practices – even among spiritual entrepreneurs – aren’t options for
heart-sourced, purpose-driven, spiritually-inspired, conscious-oriented business owners. These tired formulas will not work for them moving forward. To market and sell their products and services effectively, they require a completely different language based in authenticity, intuition and New Earth frequencies.

I don’t know better way yet – in terms of offering my skill set in the market – because the journey of discovery is actively in-process, but until I have a solution, my way will be to do business without a sales or marketing agenda. I will focus on aligning myself with making my greatest contribution to humanity and let the Universe do my marketing. People will find me. I will be hired to do my passion: writing marketing content that gives others the language to make their greatest contributions in the world.

My soul is not for sale at any price.

Traditional marketing tactics based in fear, coercion & manipulation are breathing their last breath. They have to. Moving forward, they simply won’t work for heart-sourced, purpose-driven, spiritually-inspired, awareness-oriented business owners and their clientele. As a collective, we are embarking on an exciting social experiment. The entire marketing industry is about to be eclipsed by the infusion of integrity & authenticity to catapult conscious entrepreneurship on a new trajectory. I am an impassioned visionary and champion of this movement, making my individual contribution as a conscious copywriter and word-weaver.

We can trust the initial spark that brings us together. With mutual intent of the highest integrity, during our conversation we are simply opening space for whatever is most prominent to emerge and be explored. Let’s just chat freely and see where 30 minutes takes us!