Armed with Ink… the evolution of conscious copywriting

gold copywritingWhat did I know? These were the experts. Surely they had the answers and knew what they were doing. I was there to learn the art of copywriting from them, but from the very beginning something subtle & nebulous gnawed at me. And it persisted… retreating at times, but never fully leaving my awareness.

oyster with pearlsNo matter which copywriting or marketing courses I took or renowned authority delivered the content, I had the niggling feeling that what I was being taught was “the way it WAS” and wouldn’t hold a resonance moving forward because too much on the planet was shifting into enlightened ways of being and doing, including business. Marketing was changing. The analogy continually in my awareness at that time was foreign particles that agitate within an oyster to ultimately create a pearl.

Obviously, there was more for me to know, but this oyster/pearl imagery was all I had to inform and propel me as I grappled for greater understanding. What was I being shown? And what, if anything, was there for me to do with it? In my observations, other aspiring copywriters seemed perfectly contented to learn and replicate the existing systems, yet…

I was increasingly agitated by the ways I was taught
to write marketing copy, especially as it related to
heart-sourced, purpose-driven, spiritually-inspired,
conscious-oriented business owners.
These tired formulas would not work for them.

To market and sell their products and services effectively,
they would need a completely different language
based in authenticity and New Earth frequencies.

Somehow, I knew this from my deepest inner wisdom, but it would many years before I understood the invitation unfolding in front of me. I often walked the line of feeling frustrated, not understanding what to do with the information. And yet I kept writing.

Over time – as a consumer myself – I finally understood from the inside the psychological tactics of persuasion being implemented to sell products and services and that made me mad as hell. 😳 I could see it all so clearly because I was being taught these very same methods! I now understood the formulaic methodology used to influence and manipulate the sale. It all made sense in terms of an approach that (obviously) worked, yet lacked honor,another way integrity and finesse. It never felt right to me. There had to be another way. And I was determined to somehow create it (vs. discovering it because such a marketing approach did not yet exist). I knew I did not exist to perpetuate the status quo in the worlds of copywriting & marketing. I was here to trust and follow the invisible thread revealing my emerging role.

My emerging role was to hone the art of spiritual language energetics
and birth a new, high-resonance business marketing model.

I was committed to writing potent marketing content for my clients that treats them and their readers/customers/website visitors with dignity. This was the birth of the term I coined: Conscious Copywriting.
conscious copywriting 2

In hindsight, all was clear: From the very first copywriting training course, I was being shaped by my higher Self/Divine forces/The Universe to align with something greater than the information being presented. I was to act on this subtle, informing energetic with relentless writing practice, embody the knowing, and then template a new marketing model comprised of content infused with high-vibrational language and spiritual energetics. See? Simple❣️ Agitation became a pearl.

After years of meticulously honing this craft, eventually is no longer in the future. It is now. And I am fully equipped – I call it “armed with ink” – to up-level your business to the next higher turn of its purpose with Conscious Copywriting.

calligraphy pen pointer

If you are inspired to connect, feel free to schedule a 30-minute chat. You will have the gift of my full attention, without a sales agenda. Together we will follow our inspiration and discover if we have a fertile, organic basis for collaborating. Let’s let it be easy and fun!