what’s the difference?


In one word: Intent.

Essentially, Conscious Copywriting is an invitation, not a persuasion. It is not coersive in any way and it has no agenda aside from giving you, the consumer, the essential information to make the buying decision that’s right for you. Period.

The following common advertising/marketing angles make selling easy because they address people at a base-level. Advertisers/marketers know this and use them to their advantage; to sell:

  1. Creating false lack.
  2. Agitating pain points.
  3. Leading with fear.
  4. Telling you what’s right for you.

Conscious Copywriting addresses people at the level of their higher Self. Conscious Entrepreneurs and Conscious Copywriters implement the “invitation methodology” to extend an invitation to you and let you decide for yourself. The only frequency and language techniques employed are:

  1. Honesty, integrity and forthrightness.
  2. Highlighting tangible benefits.
  3. Leading with hope and possibility.
  4. Respecting that only you know what’s right for you.


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