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Charlon Bobo is a respected mentor, champion, (r)evolutionary entrepreneur, and the best-selling contributing author of Overcomers, Inc.—True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration. As the founder of armed with ink™ Charlon draws from personal, professional, spiritual and intuitive wellsprings of experience to develop high-resonance marketing content for conscious entrepreneurs.

Providing the fertile foundation is 30+ years of personal exploration (and extensive writing on these topics) and 15+ years of professional experience including editing, copywriting, proofreading, entrepreneurship, ghostwriting, online marketing expertise and honing the art of spiritual language energetics as it applies to business marketing. (Read the full backstory here.)

Majoring in psychology in college, Charlon’s life path is diverse and colorful. Her unrelenting pursuit of self-growth and an ongoing commitment to spiritual, energetic and bodywork education since 1985 has established a solid and fertile foundation for her empowerment work with entrepreneurs and authors worldwide. Her expertise and insights are sought by visionary business owners and New Earth Leaders across the United States, and as far away as Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Choice Point Movement & NES Health in the United Kingdom, the Women’s Institute for Sustainable Economic Action (WiseAct) in the Philippines, and inspire.TV, based in Germany. Charlon’s endeavors have been featured in many mainstream media venues.

My eye was on the horizon.
Heart-sourced, purpose-driven,
spiritually-inspired, conscious-oriented
business owners were
emerging in vast numbers.

Deep in my being, I KNEW the
tired copywriting & marketing
formulas of creating false lack,
agitating pain points,
leading with fear and outright
telling the consumer
what’s right for them
(instead of trusting them
to choose rightly for themselves),
would not work for
conscious entrepreneurs. 

To market and sell their
products and services effectively,

they would need a
completely different language

based in authenticity
and New Earth frequencies.

And it was I who would
step into the role as
“conscious copywriter”
(a term I coined at the
very beginning of this journey).

Charlon shares, “Long before there was an actual market for savvy wordcrafting with spiritual/energetic resonance, something so. very. subtle beckoned me and without having a clue what was working me, I began honing this craft. My heart knew. The higher aspect of my being knew. My baser self didn’t have a clue.

With relentless writing practice and following the invisible thread, I develop content and practices far outside the confines of my traditional copywriting training. I was consumed in mastering something that didn’t even exist. I had no guides. There was no one to train me. Like many innovators, my inspiration was way ahead of the need for such a service… until now. It is my true pleasure to collaborate with you in getting your unique message into the world with energetics and New Earth language.”

When she is not championing conscious entrepreneurs, Charlon is an avid cyclist and international traveler. She enjoys the many benefits of simple, sustainable, coastal living including hiking, reading, cooking, baking, canning, gardening, soap making and supporting her local farmers’ market and independent movie theatre. Charlon lives and thrives in Santa Cruz, California.

3 thoughts on “about charlon”

  1. Is Lynne Klippel a pen name?

    • Hello, Louis~ The best-selling book Overcomer’s, Inc. is an anthology compiled by Lynne Klippel of Business Building Books and Love Your Life Publishing. I am a contributing author, sharing my personal story of childhood sexual molestation and the 5 key insights gleaned from the experience. Mine is only one of 38 stories of true overcomers who have faced obstacles with determination, courage and faith. Expect to be inspired and uplifted by these real-world stories of triumph!

  2. Nancy Cison said:

    Hi Charlon, it’s been a long time since we learned about sophisticated European-style desserts being served at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank!

    Would love to catch up sometime.


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