grow your business-building service in creative collaboration with a Conscious Copywriter

LuLus 4 flippedDo you provide business-building services (e.g. coaching, web design, public relations or marketing) to heart-sourced, purpose-driven, spiritually-inspired, awareness-oriented entrepreneurs?

Do you often recommend hiring a professional copywriter to develop high-resonance marketing content so your clients can express more of their truth, step deeper into who they are, make more money, and/or reach a wider audience?

If so, there may be an opportunity for the two of us to collaborate in a way that enhances or expands your business. Depending on your business model, current needs and clientele, there are a variety of options including, but not limited to:

    You provide a referral to your valued clients and I work with them directly to develop high-impact marketing materials in alignment with their unique business vision and goals.

    The benefit to your client
    High-impact copy is invaluable to launch or grow a business. When you give your clients direct access to someone whose expertise it is to craft laser-aligned, heart-sourced marketing content, you have just given them a business advantage that adds further value to your business.

    The benefit to you
    With no additional investment of time except for making the actual referral, you receive a percentage of sales knowing that your client is getting the focused attention they deserve to grow their business with Conscious Copywriting developed by a pro.

    When you add a Conscious Copywriter to your existing team, you’re better positioned as a one-stop resource. That one distinction sets you apart in a sea of service-oriented business owners. You stand out. Depending on your focus, it’s to your advantage to provide as many options to your clients as make sense according to your own vision and goals.(To better grok this point, the best example of the one-stop model in the web-creation world is LeadAsLOVE. They don’t just design websites [yawn]. They build purpose. And they do this with a tight team of pros.)

    The benefit to your client
    As a business guide, mentor or adviser, no doubt you emphasize maximizing your clients’ resources of time, money, effort & energy. That’s just wise business. By coming to you for the support services that propel their professional vision, it is a winning scenario for them because it does save them time, money, effort & energy.

    The benefit to you
    By adding additional services to your business, you immediately increase your perceived value to your clients and can charge accordingly. More than offering a single service, you can provide a palette of the essential services that support entrepreneurs to thrive.


  • Are you ready to give your clients an evolutionary edge with direct access to professional, heart-sourced marketing content based on their unique vision and goals?
  • Is now the time in the evolution of your business to add a Conscious Copywriter to your team?
  • Do you seek a Conscious Copywriter as a trusted referral for your valued clients?
  • Are you looking for creative, substantive ways to add additional services to your business or add value to your current offerings?
  • Do you want to increase the revenue of your business without any additional investment of time?

lets chat
If there’s a resonance with this invitation and a genuine curiosity, let’s follow the “invisible thread” together. When you’re ready to explore the possibilities of collaborating with a Conscious Copywriter who cares as much about your clients’ success as you do, let’s chat.

Conscious Copywriting/Marketing content includes:

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