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Our words, thoughts, actions and beliefs are a unified proclamation of these truths:

We do not apologize for being born female, for there is an inherent sacredness in the chromosomal structure of XX.

We do not apologize for being innately bold, wise and powerful, for this combination, anchored with feminine attributes, is required now to lead this planet to peace and prosperity.

We do not apologize for our emotions, our desires, our strengths, for those, too, will lead us into the New Age.

We do not apologize when you don’t agree with our perceptions, intuitions, or findings, for our experience is not defined by yours.

We do not apologize for the things that move us, stir us, or shake us to the core, for all of these experiences ignite even more greatness within us.

We do not apologize for sharing our truth, even in the face of criticism, judgment or brutality, for we understand that ultimately we are accountable to a Higher authority.

We do not apologize for delicately and intentionally infusing the most powerful element in the multi-verses — L*O*V*E — into the invisible matrix of the planet, for we know that by doing so, we are surely shifting Her vibration so She can provide abundantly for every being and creature, while thriving Herself.

~ charlon bobo, inspired by a post by Wild & Wise Woman



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