solutions for conscious entrepreneurs

1-on-1 support

business consultations – when you require a focused, insightful, objective,

intuitive and knowledgeable perspective based on a solid foundation of entrepreneurial, copywriting, copyediting+online marketing expertise

eBook support – direct access to someone who genuinely cares as much about your eBook as you do, and who knows exactly how to guide you through any aspect of the eBook development or writing process


wordsmithing solutions for your heart-based business including copywriting (marketing content), ghostwriting books, copyediting (marketing content) and book editing.

breathing vibrance–and results–into your marketing contentfinding energetic inconsistencies and misalignments in your existing marketing materials, and aligning the words with your mission to serve, thereby increasing results

instantly-downloadable, tree-preserving eBooks and ePrograms

revolutionary copywriting toolkit (for sales letters + press releases)

Lively 2-hour audio workshop and workbook featuring insider copywriting tools and techniques for maximizing the magic of sales letters and press releases. Hands-on, step-by-step instructions to actually write your own sales letters and press releases based on the proven principles of service-focused copywriting.

Money-Making Copywriting Essentials for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

This 44-page guide and separate companion workbook teaches you step-by-step how to write compelling and heart-based web sites, sales letters, articles, brochures, blog posts + press releases that engage your ideal market, establish credibility, and increase sales.

Write Your eBook Using a Trusted and Proven System While Maintaining Your Busy Life

This comprehensive step-by-step guide and workbook makes writing your own eBook easy using trusted copywriting, ghostwriting and online marketing techniques.

Define Your Ideal Customer to Discover the Most Effective Marketing Language for YOUR Business

In this quick-finish program, you discover how to actively engage your target market to build solid long term relationships and increase sales. Program includes 75-minute content-rich audio, workbook and full audio transcript.