Questionnaire: Have you been harmed by “spiritual” marketing practices or marketers/coaches/business advisors who lack an energetic of underlying integrity?

NOTE: If you are currently in an acute situation/response similar to the one described below, PLEASE seek the support of a professional therapist specifically trained in trauma. I am NOT that person and this query is NOT to address the deep and complex psychological impact of these experiences. Get the support you need to take the best care of yourself with the appropriate resource(s), depending on your unique circumstances. With that said… 

It happened to me. It’s happened to many within “spiritual” business circles… and it continues. There must be hundreds, if not thousands of us.

I am at the beginning stages of compiling information to assess the individual and collective damaging impact of energetically-misaligned marketing practices and practitioners. Just because spiritual language is now being inserted into marketing efforts to make products/services/offerings more appealing to the conscious business market, that doesn’t mean that these efforts are sourced in authenticity or integrity, or hold a pure energetic. The energy behind many programs is still fueled by personal and professional goals based in egoic agenda. And the truth of these agendas shine through the tiny cracks to the most sensitive of us, even if they are not blatantly obvious to others.

I have NO idea where this is query is leading, but I’m being guided in this direction, so I go.

Have you:

  • participated in a coaching system/program in the hopes of making a 6-figure income (as claimed in the marketing) and instead lost hope, money, health, time, or a combination?
  • mortgaged your home or put excessive amounts of money on a credit card in response to an urgent invitation to grow your business, and didn’t get the results promised?
  • arrived at the end of a 6- or 12-month coaching or elite mastermind commitment, only to review your goals list to find yourself deeply disappointed because none or only a few were actually realized?
  • been lured into a program or offering based on hype and/scarcity and felt remorse soon afterwards?
  • participated in any system or program that left you feeling that something was “off” but you could never identify exactly what? The “packaging” was right but something was very wrong.

Your anonymous response (with the option to leave your name and contact information for follow-up) is an essential contribution to whatever information is next to be illuminated/examined/elevated/transmuted. I have no personal or professional agenda here. I am simply following what I call “the invisible thread” of inspiration. (Feel free to jump to the questionnaire below.)

There’s always a back story… here it is:

This personal exploration began recently when I awoke to the realization that I was actually traumatized by traditional and “spiritual” marketing methods that I learned from some of the most prominent modern-day copywriting and marketing teachers. Not prone to dramatize events, this language is accurate and perfectly appropriate because it is the raw, unfortunate truth. This was my experience.

WHOA. Traumatized. Really?

Really, really.

This revelation was one I didn’t expect, but apparently I was finally ready to see people and events more honestly. A part of me didn’t want to see any of this through the lens of trauma. I didn’t want to use the label ‘traumatic.’ Maybe I was just too sensitive, picking up on things that weren’t true. Maybe I had misinterpreted or misunderstood.

But the ultimate truth was that I was more comfortable in the delusion that I had not been traumatized than to consider that that anyone would manipulate people with tactics of false scarcity, urgency, emotional hype and even outright deception.

I mean, c’mon! Who does this?

Apparently – based on the few stories of people I know personally and within the extended conscious business community – there are plenty who are consciously or non-consciously perpetuating this model and knowingly or unknowingly causing damage in their wake.


So, if it feels aligned with you, please leave your answers and comments:

  • as a way to unite in our common experience
  • to illuminate the impact of these influences with raw honesty so we can reclaim the aspects of ourselves that were compromised, and
  • as an indicator of your willingness to shift this current methodology to one that elevates humankind to a higher turn of our individual and collective expression(s) sourced exclusively in honor, integrity and high energetics in everything we do

Best & Blessings,

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