Yes, YOU CAN learn the art of (r)evolutionary copywriting

this is the perfect moment to engage your ideal customers, establish credibility, and increase sales in a fresh way using innovative, new paradigm copywriting skills. You will be thrilled with the value you receive and the personal attention given to your individual success.

4-week teleseries copywriting essentials for evolutionary
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Attention evolutionary entrepreneurs:

Does Your Marketing Content
Effectively Engage Your Audience
With Sincere Intent to Connect and Serve?

Whatever your entrepreneurial niche, as a heart-based business owner, it’s very likely your ideal clients are heart-based as well. Committed to making your unique contribution during these extraordinary, evolutionary times, you understand that…

Words contain and emanate energy.

Your prospects simply won’t respond to fear-based, overtly-manipulative or subtly-scheming language, or the vibration attached to them. Why? Because these traditional copywriting tactics are not aligned with the new earth energies of transparency, integrity and authenticity.

Calculating or slippery techniques meant to direct your customers to buy will only disappoint both of you. Your potential customers are intuitive and sense when they’re being sold. As a consumer yourself, you know the feeling.

Fortunately, there’s an effective alternative: (r)evolutionary copywriting.

 (R)evolutionary Copywriting is a divinely-inspired combination of heart-based intuitive guidance, traditional copywriting expertise and a genuine desire to serve humanity to promote a product, a business, a person or an idea; and carefully selecting, editing, weaving and constructing those words to offer the reader an opportunity to take a specific and measurable action.

Whether you offer a product or service, your prospects deserve a direct and honest portrayal of what you have to offer. Period. And that’s my expertise.

From dramatically increasing the effectiveness of your existing marketing materials—Web sites, sales campaigns, brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, blogs, sales letters and company/product descriptions—to writing fresh, spot-on content from your notes on a coffee shoppe napkin, the process is easy, enjoyable and effective.

Admittedly, I use unconventional methods. You won’t hear other copywriters reveal that they use intuition to guide or influence the creative writing process. But when something works, instead of questioning it, I use it again and again to create high-impact copy that delivers results for entrepreneurs just like you.

As much as you’re committed to serving others, you also want real-world results. Good copy does its job to increase sales, credibility or exposure, depending on your marketing plan.

Whatever your goal(s), developing captivating original content or breathing heart into your existing marketing materials is my passion and expertise. I consistently do it for others and I will do it for you, too.

You can rely on an individual approach catering to your unique business needs. You are one-of-a-kind. So is your message. It deserves the attention-to-detail required to capture and communicate its true essence.

If you are a heart-based, evolutionary business owner, this message probably resonates with you. It just feels right. That’s because words contain and emanate energy. Right now you are actually experiencing what your ideal customers will feel when they read your heart-infused copy.

Quality. Integrity. Responsiveness. EditCopyProof.

If you’re ready right now, we can begin TODAY. Email me or request a proposal.

feel free to leave your comments!

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