Your BEST Holiday Season Ever!

Portrayed as quite magical in the media and commercials, the reality for most of us is that the holidays can be a time of great challenge. This year is no different, yet there’s much more going on this year: we are in the midst of the greatest evolutionary shift ever–involving massive personal and planetary changes! How’s that for an unprecedented December!?

Instead of feeling holiday bliss, it’s common to experience overwhelm, frustration, worry, money concerns, family issues, time demands, impossible schedules and relationship strains.

Fortunately, there’s an easy and proven solution to implement right now that effectively bypasses all that:

One simple question.
Immediate insight and permanent shifts in 30 minutes.
All sourced from your own inner guiding wisdom.

How is such quick transformation possible?

Heart Point Technique (HPT) is an inspired spiritual/energetic modality with stellar results. Designed specifically to be nurturing, yet powerful and effective in addressing any issue at its very core, it was given by the Divine Feminine to Rebecca A. Messenger, Seer, energy healer and Channel for Azna (Mother God). 

Nothing could be more simple.

We meet via telephone.
You provide a brief description of your current situation.
I ask you the ONE question that opens the door to gaining clarity
on having your best holiday ever;

maybe even the best of your entire life. You’ll have to let me know in January!

Based on the experience of other happy clients, you will be surprised at what miracles unfold with one simple question and a mere 30 minutes.

If you’re ready right now to experience the holidays like never before; filled with deep inner joy, boundless energy, and the ability to love and enjoy others by accessing a new-found well of love within you, purchase your 30-minute “BEST Holiday Season Ever” session today.

The value of this offer is $77.00, but to make this offer accessible to as many people as possible, I want you to choose the pricing that works best for you, based on a variable pricing scale. With integrity, please choose from the following pricing options:

Option 1–private session including divinely-inspired question just for you! $77
Option 2–private session including divinely-inspired question just for you! $67
Option 3–private session including divinely-inspired question just for you! $57
Option 4–private session including divinely-inspired question just for you! $47
Option 5–audio download of group session $27
(includes a divinely-inspired question and energetic infusion within a powerful group dynamic)


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