dynamic business-building sales copy & marketing content for entrepreneurs dedicated to business-on-purpose

As an empassioned entrepreneur — heart-sourced, purpose-driven, spiritually-inspired, awareness-oriented — there is a signature unique to who you are (in the world), what you do (your business model), what you offer (your products and/or services) and how you offer your products or services (the methodology).

As you launch business endeavors linked to your purpose(s) and passion(s), know that there is a corresponding methodology to market your offerings most effectively.

My genius as a word-weaver is cleverly shaping the engaging, resonant marketing materials to grow your business in alignment with your passion, mission, purpose and unique goals.

If it grows your business, I ink it. But…

Instead of implementing tired writing formulas sourced in fear, coercion and manipulation [yawn], I find creative and innovative ways to showcase the features and benefits of your offerings to make them stand out. New worlds are emerging in the realms of copywriting and marketing. With a focus on integrity, sincerity, generosity, authenticity and transparency, this fresh writing methodology sets you – and your business – apart from the rest.

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But, don’t misunderstand…
this is not your momma’s woo-woo.

Just because you’re oriented toward spirituality or consciousness doesn’t mean you have to compromise tangible business results. It’s still important that your goals are realized whether your aim is to:

  • launch or rebrand your website (web content)
  • increase registrations for your online course (sales letters)
  • build your blog library (articles)
  • author a book to position yourself as an expert (book ghostwriting)
  • launch a new service (press release)
  • build a loyal following on your email list (free report), or
  • grow an engaged community on social media (social media posts)

In the end, achieving results is our mutual goal.

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You’re in the perfect place if you seek a professional business-building writer who:

  • groks your vision & goals with experience AND intuition
  • captures that in a language that is yours alone
  • weaves words in a way that is captivating and magnetizing to your ideal audience/readers/website visitors
  • balances strategy AND creativity throughout the collaborative writing process
  • is as committed to your success as you are

advertisements * articles * autoresponders
blog and newsletter content *
books free reports * eBooks
free reports * organic SEO * press releases * social media posts
training modules * video scripts * website content

As a conscious copywriter (aka spiritual copywriter), my niche expertise is comprised of:

  • an intimate insider understanding of spirituality, evolution + ascension based on 30+ years of personal exploration (and extensive writing on these topics in my blogs), and
  • 15+ years of professional experience including editing, copywriting, proofreading, entrepreneurship, ghostwriting, online marketing expertise and honing the art of evolutionary copywriting as it applies to business marketing. (Get the backstory.)

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This translates to a potent, holistic and synergistic left-brain/right-brain writing dynamic to development the most effective sales copy and marketing content possible.

How cool is that!?

The 8 most compelling reasons to collaborate with a Conscious Copywriter

Happy armed with ink clients dot the globe including…

  • Broadcast.org (Germany)
  • Business Building Books (Ecuador)
  • Choice Point Movement (United Kingdom)
  • inspire.tv (Germany)
  • (The) Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)
    (United Kingdom–London)
  • Ladies Who Launch (United States)
  • Lead as LOVE (United States)
  • NES Health (United Kingdom)
  • (The) Spiritual Institute (Australia)
  • Vibrational Child (United States)
  • Women’s Institute for Sustainable Economic Action (WiseAct) (the Philippines)


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If you are inspired to connect, feel free to schedule a 30-minute chat. You will have the gift of my full attention without a sales agenda. Together we will follow the inspiration to discover if we have a fertile, organic basis for collaborating.