business-building copywriting & ghostwriting

As an entrepreneur, you have a business to manage and grow.

If you don’t have the time, interest or savvy to write your own content, it’s essential for the sustainability of your business to delegate your business-building and marketing writing to a pro.

advertisements * articles * autoresponders
blog and newsletter content * free reports
* books
eBooks * press releases * social media posts
training modules * video scripts * websites

Every week, every month and every year, it is my soul purpose and passion to create word-crafting magick behind-the-scenes of your business, so you shine. Period.

Whether you are an author, speaker, coach, designer, energy worker, trainer, inventor or healer, you have a passion for sparking global change from the evolutionary edge based on your life purpose.

Whatever your objective, together we can bring your ideas out of your head and into the world, where they can make a huge, positive impact.

Your individual goals for hiring a professional ghostwriter may include:

  • positioning yourself as an expert within your niche
  • increasing sales or exposure
  • expanding your product or service offerings
  • building an empire, or
  • leaving a legacy

Equipped with more than a decade of professional copywriting, manuscript editing, online marketing and ghostwriting experience, I fully support and propel your vision by capturing the precise language that resonates with the heart of your audience.

In addition to providing proven tangible writing skills and a sound strategic approach to developing your materials, I also employ energetic arts.

As a conscious entrepreneur, you understand that words contain and emanate energy. My skill set includes a finesse for energetically bridging your intent with the highest purpose of your reader, making the words more effective in relation to your intended outcome. If that’s important to you, you already feel the value of this service offering.

Join the ever-growing family of worldwide Business Ghostwriting Solutions + prominent new-thought organizations including, Business Building Books, Choice Point Movement,, Ladies Who Launch, NES Health and The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

The next step is easy: I warmly invite you to contact me to discuss your unique needs, whether project-based, or on a monthly or retainer basis. I will happily provide a detailed proposal after I learn more about your specific requirements and the full scope of your project.