Divine Desire eclipses my own desire


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Many of us learned to create based on clarifying our ambitions, desires, intents, dreams, passions or purposes. Manifestation guides told us this is how Law of Attraction works. We’ve crafted vision boards, ritualized at the Full and New Moons, Solstices and Equinoxes, made lengthy journal entries and prayed or meditated our asses off. We’ve magnetized partners, jobs, money and opportunity.

And it is my current understanding that this methodology was a mere stepping stone to the infinite possibility of where we now stand… IF we are willing to allow The Infiniteness (however you define that or whatever identifier you give it) to totally eclipse our finiteness, just like the recent full solar sensation.

For awhile now, I’ve experienced zero resonance with my personal & personality-identified ambitions, desires, intents, dreams, passions or purposes. (Think: anything with an egoic orientation.)

I want nothing that’s on the other side of me being the source of creating. I’ve fully explored that route and very little that I created/manifested from that basis has proven to be satisfying in a sustainable way. Therefore, that path is no longer an option for me. I want to live and BE far beyond that which I can create. Instead of living the outpicturing of my own desires, I want only and exclusively to create via Divine Desire.

No longer finding intrigue or solace in the smallness & finiteness related to my human capacity to generate, I am contented to set aside my tiny view for a panorama of galactic proportions. I want exclusive access to The Infinite and am willing to acquiesce whatever is left of my personal aspirations to have that experience.

That’s what freedom sparks right now, yet I assure you, this approach goes against all of my conditioning/indoctrination/training. Maybe you can relate.

This level of BEingness – that is simultaneously FULL of the highest aspects of Self and increasingly absent of ego/personality/self-identity – seems unnatural, but only because as a collective we have normalized the insanity of the need to be the epicenter of our life creations.

If the ego needs no stroking;
If we no longer seek validation or acknowledgement;
If we are at-rest never being seen or heard on a global platform;
If our contributions are not associated with success;
If our businesses are not weighted by our need to have them be income generators;
If our full purposes are lived merely by our BEing…

… with fully-open, confident hearts we can place our human ambitions, desires, intents, dreams, passions and purposes on the altar of The Divine Orchestrator. We can trust this entity-o-Infinity so completely that we wouldn’t even momentarily consider that we could orchestrate better than It. I know I can’t. History has hashed that out. 😜 It’s time to try something (r)evolutionary.

By its innate benevolence, bounty and grace, The Infiniteness has the power to transform us simply by our permission and allowance. No efforting required. I don’t know about you, but that’s a welcome relief. I just don’t have the bandwidth anymore to manifest in the the old way. It requires too much of me. And I take that as a clue that there’s a much easier way to be in the world moving forward.

As I nestle more into this vein of exploration, I experience tangible, positive proof that this brilliant guidance is a trustworthy ally.

  • I don’t worry about the how’s so much anymore.
  • I don’t hope that the inquiry last week will lead to a business contract this week.
  • I don’t intend for anything specific to come into being.
  • Money doesn’t wag me about anymore.
  • I don’t aspire to any level of anything.
  • I have no mission, no particular purpose, or passion.
  • I don’t engage ritual to activate or incite a response.

All of those systemic impulses & patterns are being eclipsed.

I am solely engaged in the activity of continuing to give free-reign to that which is benevolent (my personal understanding), and masterfully orchestrating the blessed timing, events, people and circumstances for my highest benefit, however that looks. I don’t care about the container anymore; whatever, however or whenever events unfold.

What I envision as a human can only be finite with a finite magnetism. That’s not enough for me now. I want what I cannot create for myself via my own desires. Divine Desire innately comprises infinite perspective/potential/possibility. As an experiment, I align with that in the spirit of genuine curiosity to see what’s vicariously possible for myself.


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marketing as spell-casting


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(Black) magic is simply the manipulation
of electromagnetic energy with will and intent.

Max Spiers

Marketing can be a dangerous game.

As we craft the words for positioning our products and services for sale, how deeply do we examine our intent behind those words? Are we blindly yet willingly perpetuating the status quo because we think that’s the only way to be successful in business? Are we unknowingly participating in the tyranny of manipulation marketing with personal or professional agendas in attempts to commodify people?

gridworkWhen you look closely at – and feel into – the energetic gridwork of most marketing content within the entrepreneurial world (websites, programs, books, sales pages, ads, campaigns, etc.) you will see and sense a distinct layer; a counter-cross-hatched complexity that is intended to undermine and override one’s sense of what’s right for them… ultimately, yet not surprisingly, for the direct benefit of the marketer.

If you have an agenda – any agenda – you’re spell-casting. You’re using a strategic methodology to get people to do what you want them to do.

agendaAgenda comes in many subtle nuances and it’s often easier to see (and feel) if you know the myriad ways it can show up. If you are using words to cajole, coerce, convert, entice, seduce or even mildly-influence people into taking the actions you place in their path – directing them to your *#)&ing 😳 sales funnel, corraling them into signing up for your mailing list or blogroll, getting them to your latest offering with a “squeeze page” (yes, it’s actually called a “squeeze page” to channel people into taking the action proposed), converting them to an over-priced service based on a fabricated value or offering a free consultation in a seemingly innocuous attempt to assess their value to youTHAT IS MANIPULATION.

We spell words with letters.
Those words are woven into our marketing content.
That process is the art of spell-casting.

Opposite Polarities, Same Spectrum

If, according to Max Spiers, black magic is the manipulation of electromagnetic energy with will and intent, then white magic, too, is the manipulation of electromagnetic energy with will and intent. Whatever your agenda – world domination (black) or building a business by commodifying people (white?) – spell-casting IS spell-casting. PERIOD.

white magicThe difference with white magic is that we justify our actions by cloaking them in spiritual language like “good,” “light,” “purposeful,” “helping,” “service,” “empowerment,” and create our products and services from this platform. And it is that justification that perpetuates marketing tyranny.

It’s important to understand:

Black energies and white energies
are the polarity ends of THE SAME SPECTRUM.

It’s time to wake up and consciously create AN ENTIRELY NEW SPECTRUM free of our personal influence. Via heightened sensitivities, we now have access to elevated ways of being and living.

We can engage electromagnetic energy from a very different perspective; with the will and intent to have no compromising personal or professional agenda(s). It is only then that the organizing forces of natural attraction have the full range to orchestrate the perfect people, events and synchronicities in the highest interest of all.

conscious creationThis is not an easy exploration, for sure, but it is vital for heart-sourced, purpose-driven, spiritually-inspired, awareness-oriented business owners if we want to BE and PORTRAY in full congruence.

It is essential to eliminate all manipulative agendas from our language, our marketing endeavors, and our everyday practices. And raw examination is the only way to honestly see how we are actively and ongoingly complicit in marketing manipulations. From there we can choose differently.

We have a responsibility to our collaborators, clients and customers because they deserve way better from us than even our very best marketing manipulation. As we consistently hold ourselves to a higher accountability, the agenda-base will become obsolete.

(near) future news headline: conscious entrepreneurs forge a fresh path to eclipse the tyranny of manipulation in marketing


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The tyranny of marketing manipulation must end.

Traditional marketing tactics based in fear,
coercion & manipulation have no place or purpose
in the businesses of heart-sourced, purpose-driven,
spiritually-inspired, awareness-oriented entrepreneurs.

The days of overt manipulations are over (although we may see and experience remnants for a loooooong while). That was Version 1.0.

Actively dismantling now are the covert marketing manipulations; what I term “next-gen marketing ploys.” They are Version 2.0.

A brief backstory: When the numbers of spiritual seekers surged a few years ago, fresh but equally-ensnaring, manipulative marketing methods were introduced and implemented. Cunning predators saw a golden opportunity to commodify the emerging enlightened masses by using spiritual language and feigned relationship machinations (as only two examples of many) to cash in on the sensitivity and vulnerability of this market. Slippery. Clever. Effective. For awhile.

Now, we are embarking on the path of Version 3.0 in which the entire marketing industry – including peripheral industries like business coaching, advertising + copywriting – is being eclipsed by the infusion of integrity, authenticity, ethics & values to catapult service entrepreneurship onto a new trajectory, because…

The tyranny of marketing manipulation must end.

no tyranny


As we become more sensitive to issues of genderism, sexism, racism, classism – and all the other -isms – it is time for us as New Earth leaders to increase our awareness and intimately understand that language is an energetic carrier of the truth of our intent. It is an incorruptible frequency. It cannot be faked by even the most adept at manipulation.

We have been enticed and conditioned
to use our businesses as platforms to
commodify people and monetize creativity.

There’s another way. There has to be. On every level, manipulation isn’t working. It is beneath us. It is an outdated model/frequency in all its expressions, whether in business marketing, personal relationships, governments, medical institutions, Wall Street, etc.

People are NOT commodities,
to be coerced in the direction of our
personal or professional agendas.

Personally speaking, I have no desire to cajole, coerce, convert, entice, seduce, talk or even mildly-influence people into ANYTHING. Even the idea makes me nauseous. And it’s not because I am uncomfortable having a pure conversation. I can do that all day long. It makes me ill because people deserve to be met with sovereignty. In my calculations, manipulations + sovereignty don’t compute. When it comes to business, it’s even more true because in business there’s an implied responsibility – at least to me – to model sovereign reverence as it relates to collaborators (customers/clients).

People know what’s right for them. I trust that completely. Why? Because I can do nothing else at this point. Even if it cannibalizes my business success, I have no intention or agenda to steer people in the direction of my *#)&ing 😳 sales funnel, corral them into signing up for my mailing list or convert them to an over-priced service based on a fabricated value.


If, after a complimentary 30-minute chat, we want to collaborate, we’ll know it. If we don’t, we’ll know that, too, but we will get to that understanding with pure intent, not some fake, formulaic template or energetically-dishonorable scheme that compromises Who We Are in the process.

If we stand true-and-tall in touting ourselves as conscious/spiritual/service entrepreneurs, that reveals via the intent behind our spoken and written words.
 Our words carry the intent. There is no need for a personal or professional agenda. Results/next steps will bubble-up with crystal-clarity. You’ll absolutely know what to do next. The path will be clear. People, events and synchronicities will magnetize to you because that’s the nature of pure intent.

meme – resonance


Why am I so adamant about treating people as sovereign, who know the truth of themselves to make the purchases that are right for them without my interference or influence?

Two words: personal experience.

Throughout the life of my business, I have been exposed to – and advised by – self-proclaimed “spiritual coaches” and “conscious entrepreneurs” who implemented marketing and sales practices that – according to my moral compass – were way out of energetic integrity. Their tactics contained manipulative qualities, however subtle or cleverly-disguised. And I could always feel that something was misaligned.

wordsSomething niggled at me for a very long time before I understood the dynamics of what was happening on an energetic level. Words are precious and they were being used to manipulate the sale. Ewww.
 For whatever reason, that impacted me… deeply. It literally hurt my heart. As a highly sensitive person – and a writer who reverently values the might of words – my entire being revolted.

Unscrupulous marketing practices of ANY flavor
 didn’t work for me then and they won’t work for me now, no matter how many esteemed, 
modern-day marketing, sales or “spiritual” gurus/coaches/experts tout these practices.
 I see through, and feel through, thinly-veiled attempts to sell because I can see and feel the intent in spite of the carefully-chosen words used. 
You probably can, too. Ultimate truth seeps through language via the channel of frequency.

In conclusion…

seedlingI plant these words as seeds. I don’t have the answers – or an offer, program, private FB group, elite mastermind, eBook or system – to discover how we get from here to a business marketing utopia in which manipulations of all colors have been emancipated from our cellular structures and we no longer source from that dark well.

All I know is that we don’t need to. Pure intent is our beacon now and I invite you to open-heartedly examine the intent behind the language you use to market your products and services.

I am in that process myself and it has taken me in a direction I never anticipated. It is an all-encompassing endeavor. I had to step away from focusing on my business growth because in this moment, this pursuit – and whatever awaits on the other side of this exploration – entices me to take a much closer look. It feels important.

newspaper editedI envision a time in the near future in which I read this headline in a prominent news outlet: Conscious Entrepreneurs Forge a Fresh Path to Eclipse the Tyranny of Manipulation in Marketing. To that end…

I am turning to fully face this dominant signature
of manipulation to see what else I can
from inside the belly-of-the-beast.

I’m going in because the tyranny of marketing manipulation must end.
This is my contribution. What’s yours?

the ‘aligned female’ shape-shifts business based on innate feminine gifts


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bw womenEntrepreneurship continues to shift dramatically. Increasingly, the aligned female influence in business cannot be ignored. The feminine:

  • brings a sense of community to business
  • is cooperative because we know that is the road to thriving
  • achieves results by nurturing others
  • wants all members of our tribe to succeed
  • encourages others
  • challenges others with love
  • champions others with kind accountability methods
  • celebrates milestones and goal attainment

There is no doubt—with the shifting business paradigm in full swing—women have made a powerful impression and will continue to do so. Our innate gifts as birthers of new ideology will change the face of entrepreneurship so much that soon the old façade won’t be recognizable. It’s the New Earth age and we’re the luminaries.

Allowing intuition, spirituality and pure intent to guide us, we’re in a very powerful position to creative positive and lasting change. The way business is conducted will never be the same.

Now, let’s return to the reference of ‘aligned female’ and elaborate for the fullest understanding.

higher selfBeing born – or identifying with being – female does not an empowered woman make!

It’s vital to understand that being strong, allowing the feminine divine to be honored in our words, thoughts and actions, referring to ourselves as “conscious,” embracing our roles as leaders and visionaries, and intentionally creating our lives, is a journey… the journey of a lifetime.

The aligned woman is so much more than female. She:

  • has a vested interest in bringing her best to everything she does
  • willingly surrenders her plan to the wisdom of the Universe, when it’s appropriate for her to do so
  • commits on every level to the ever-unfolding process of life
  • pushes on with courage, no matter how hard the task
  • walks with herself, if necessary, so as not to dilute her efforts and energy with anything/anyone that might take her off-course
  • graciously serves others in accordance with her inner wisdom guiding her to choose if, when, and how to use her innate talents and gifts
  • models integrity because it’s the core of who she is and how she conducts the business of her life
  • celebrates her unique talents—removing all hindrances to shining brilliantly—because she understands this world benefits from her exceptional contribution
  • is bold in her approach to life because there’s no value in standing for nothing
  • accepts herself as-is, always

Modeling empowered divine femininity has many rewards and it also comprises great responsibility. Wielding power with benevolence requires a solid understanding that true power never attempts to manipulate, dominate or control (or even influence or persuade); only insecurity behaves that way. We are actively defining the future of business with our actions. We are creating something dynamically different.

What is your unique role in this shift and what are the innate gifts you bring to business as an ‘aligned female’?

Conscious Marketing: shifting the focus from selling to serving (and STILL make $)


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copywriting + spirituality = conscious marketing materials

The calculation is a relatively new one, but it delivers exciting possibilities as we move ahead with a fresh, inspired vision for New Earth leaders who conduct business-on-purpose.

Traditional copywriting is saturated with the intent to get you to do one thing as a consumer; buy. Conscious copywriting is saturated with the intent to get you to do two things as a consumer:

1) consider whether or not the offer resonates with you, and
2) decide for yourself

serving with integrityThe purpose of traditional copywriting is solely to sell. The purpose of conscious copywriting is solely to serve via an invitation. There’s no judgment here of right or wrong; good or bad. It’s simply a matter of recognizing that our world of commerce is shifting dramatically from selling to serving with integrity.

Conscious business owners place a high priority on providing real value. They are not content to throw out an offer just to make a buck. The basis for everything they do is truly to be of service, applying their unique combination of life passion & purpose to the mix. So, whether they offer products or services, the emphasis on providing value for what you purchase is of primary importance.

thriving business - money plantWhat’s so interesting – and frankly, surprising to many heart-first entrepreneurs – about the shift to serving is that sales aren’t thrown under the bus. No longer limited by the belief that we must choose between service OR success, we can confidently provide quality offerings featured with an evolved language based on core spiritual values to grow thriving businesses.

The current evolutionary/spiritual shift is impacting every facet of life, including business. And as spiritual business owners, we welcome the changes that come with it because it means exploration that is simultaneously created and discovered. How fun is that?! As entrepreneurs, there’s nothing more enticing than a new challenge. We never retreat from the inspiration of innovation. In fact, that’s the environment in which we most shine.

conscious creationBusiness and spirituality are perfectly paired because they continually propel each other; one needn’t be compromised for the other. They can harmoniously co-exist. And as the caregivers of this approach, we have front row seats to witness the positive and far-reaching impact of a marketing method that was our own collective, conscious creation.



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