audio download | heart/solar plexus binding technique for grief

heart/solar plexus binding technique

This is a feminine Divinely-inspired healing tool. I share this technique/guided meditation because I want to equip and empower you with the very same modality I use to gain access to hidden information… information that reveals surprising insights about successfully navigating grief in a way that works for you.

This process accentuates the guiding wisdom of your heart center—where all the juice of life resides—including your best insights into healing and transformation.

What’s so amazing about this technique is that you can use it to access your inner wisdom to dramatically enrich ANY area of your life. Although this may not be your desire right now, you can use it to gain valuable insights for romance, business, relationships, happiness, or health, to truly gain clarity.

heart-solar plexus binding technique… how does it work?

This technique creates a powerful link between your heart (obviously represented by the heart) and your personal power or your core (represented by the solar plexus).

The basis for the term “solar plexus” is that refers to radiating, just like the sun. In the abdomen there is a group of radiating nerve fibers, or a “plexus,” that is situated behind the stomach and in front of the aorta. The radiating quality of this group of nerves is called the solar plexus.

That’s why it makes it so easy when working with the solar plexus to use the mental visual of the sun and specifically for this exercise, imagine its rays radiating out to encompass the heart.

When your heart’s desire to heal and awaken spiritually is grounded within the core of who you are and your commitment to the process of grieving, there’s no stronger synergy than the heart/solar plexus connection to bring both to rapid physical manifestation.

The heart offers the passion and initial inspiration. The solar plexus is the representation of your solid rooting, your foundation, the spiraling energy or essence of who you are and your ability to create the perfect conditions to both heal and be transformed.

download the 7-minute MP3 of the
heart/solar plexus binding technique


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