about Conscious Entrepreneurs + (r)evolutionary solutions

What is an evolutionary?

Evolutionaries are those luminary business owners (see below: What is a luminary?) who are committed to fulfilling their spiritual life purpose(s) by offering products and services that upend traditional approaches. Not satisfied with maintaining the status quo, they are beacons of inspiration and innovation and are very comfortable creating based on Divine and inner guidance (which some would say is the same thing).

Evolutionary entrepreneurs consciously build sustainable, profitable and heart-based businesses to serve themselves (micro) and others (macro).

What is a luminary?

Without exception, evolutionaries ARE luminaries.

Luminaries are known by many labels: lightworkers, visionaries, L.O.H.A.S. (lifestyles of health and sustainability), spiritual, empathic, conscious, crazy, black sheep, dreamers, etc. You get the point. We are luminescent and our true natures have never been able to be contained. Unfortunately, many of us have experienced extreme challenges in functioning within constricting and confusing societal convention, but we’ve done remarkably well, regardless!

We have never fit in. We posses our own values; our own ways of seeing and knowing; our own sense of identity, purpose, and meaning—for ways of living that don’t yet exist, but that we are actively creating in these amazing times. Luminaries are well-equipped to lead because we have spent our lives quietly refining and mastering heart-based skill sets. And now is our moment to step up into our individual and collective purpose for being born to live our birthright with passion.

What are (r)evolutionary solutions?

(R)evolutionary solutions are those New Earth marketing models that upend traditional approaches; those visionary words, thoughts and actions based in heart and purpose.

We’ve all heard trendy catch-phrases (like unity consciousness or We Are One), but luminaries live and model these everyday principles so others can see them in action and map to them as well, if they choose.

Charlon has led the conscious business (r)evolution with EditCopyProof by transcending tired, fear-based, and manipulative traditional marketing and copywriting methods and replacing them with ….