A personal note:

I wanted to share that I am participating in a November video conversation series related to the book I recently edited—Loveseed. My video presentation for this November event is entitled: For Women, Potency is Power.

I assure you…

There is nothing to buy—
no upgrades, no packages, no upsells of any kind.
This is Kathleen’s FREE gift to YOU.

Join me, and Kathleen Hanagan, psychotherapist, priestess, and author of Loveseed: The Template For Birthing A New World in this revolutionary video seriesConversations with Co-Creators of a New World which launches November 1st, 2018! 

When you join these Conversations, you receive an email in your inbox every day in the month of November. Each class is a video recording between 30-35 minutes. There is no limited time to listen, and all recordings will be available throughout the series.

Register here: https://www.kathleenhanagan.com/charlonbobo

This gathering is to activate that template, which is a frequency of love that is shared among us. These conversations are master classes in that frequency, and are offered to you as she births Loveseed into the world.

We are birthing a new culture that thrives on kindness and the ability to see the “Real” in one another. It’s a culture that is grounded in the initiation of the wounded healer archetype, and from all the wisdom that has been learned from straying so far from the center of who we are, and transforming in order to return to our original innocent template.  

Celebrating this deep knowing inside that “We are all just walking each other home,” as Ram Dass says, Kathleen has gathered together speakers from multiple disciplines: science, art, mysticism, business, psychotherapy, energy healing, astrology, activism, dance, and much more. These are the Co-Creators who are willing to share their wisdom and love for the transcendent purpose of birthing a New World based on kindness and truth. By doing this, we plant seeds in our collective knowing, and we cultivate the emergence of a desired possible future, a world at peace with clean air and clean water and enough for everyone.  

Listeners will be exposed to new tools and frameworks for social and cultural connection that are meant to support the diversity of expression on the misty blue planet of the possible.  

These CONVERSATIONS are intended to initiate a cultural shift toward the expression of love and an authentic assumption of responsibility right where we live—in our work, our relationships, and in all we do.

We are already co-creating a new world based on kindness and truth, right in the midst of political chaos and collapsing systems of inequity and greed. It’s happening as we go, and  each of us decides if we want to be a part of that world by how we feel, think and act.  

It makes a big difference where you put your attention. If you get caught up in the chaos, you reflect and contribute to it. If you decide to create something different, you change the world.  

These master classes in truth and love are meant to support you as you decide daily. When you join these Conversations, you receive an email in your inbox every day in the month of November. Each class is a video recording between 30-35 minutes. There is no limited time to listen, and all recordings will be available throughout the series. 

There is nothing to buy—no upgrades, no packages. This is Kathleen’s FREE gift to YOU! 


She will read a brief excerpt from her book in each interview, and then step into the conversation with these incredible people, all influencers in this co-creation.   

What you can expect:

  • You will learn to use tools of personal transformation from experts who have devoted their lives to helping people be the best version of themselves. 
  • You will come to understand the ascension process and what you can do to support yourself and others as humanity makes a giant leap.  
  • You will learn why lightworkers struggle to maintain a higher consciousness, and how to remain connected to Source longer over time.
  • You will learn the latest research from neuroscience, psychology, and health, that empowers you to upgrade your human operating system.  
  • You will hear stories that touch you deeply and inspire you to overcome habits of mind that hold you back. 
  • You will learn how to make a significant shift in consciousness away from fear and toward love in your close relationships. 
  • You will learn how to cultivate self-compassion as the basis for the way you serve in the world. 
  • You will begin to embrace your multi-dimensionality!
  • You will learn the key to transforming suffering into life-altering breakthrough.
  • You will learn how to have spiritual hygiene and how to clear out karmic patterns that can be released to the light.
  • And much more…

We are all called to be courageously true to who we are. 
That is what will make a difference. When we are devoted to our own work of transformation, to remove all obstacles to love, we bring light to the world. This is how we create a New World.

In the spirit of love with which Kathleen births this book into the world, she is offering each person who joins the Conversations, and goes on to purchase Loveseed: The Template For Birthing A New World, a chance to receive a full day devoted to your own transformation.  

In December she will host a drawing and one of you will call in this gift for your own growth and healing. You will have Kathleen for a full day—called by some a “VIP Day”, because you are a very important person—each of you.  

That is why Kathleen wrote the book—to share with as many of you as she can, the actual path and tools that you will need to upgrade your operating system at this time of the Great Remembering of who we truly are.

https://www.kathleenhanagan.com/charlonbobo—Join the Conversation!