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Thank you for granting me access to your world for the past 10 years via the EditCopyProof blog. It has been a privilege to write content to empower you related to all aspects of conscious entrepreneurship.

The blog was a way to capture my perceptions, realizations and understandings in real time and share them with you to propel us all on the evolutionary path. It has now served its full purpose and as with any ending, a fresh beginning emerges.

As lived experience, I fiercely believe in the transformative powers of writing, intentional evolution, engaged process, and patronage (both as a patroness and beneficiary). Individually, I have witnessed each, casting its signature facet of magnificence, but combined they are a mighty force to wield as we become more equipped for all that lies ahead.

Writing. Evolution. Process. Patronage.
At the newborn evolutionary blog
at armed with ink on Patreon,
these 4 elements harmonize & synergize
on a single, potent platform.

I invite you to join the
evolutionary blog
on this sacred gateway nexus
of 1/11.

armed with ink
is your destination haven if:

  • Ink is your creative medium.
  • You are on an intentional evolutionary path.
  • You are devoted to being actively engaged in the transformation process.

When you become a valued patron/ess of armed with inkby choosing from the 5 reward tiers with a minimal investment of $5/month – every week you gain access to rich blog content that equips you with the evolutionary insights, observations, mirrorings, prompts, examinations, curiosities, inquiries & musings to:

  • Navigate life with authority sourced by inner wisdom. (Be self-sourced.)
  • Harness the transformative power of process. (Be self-regenerating.)
  • Magnetize opportunity, synchronicity & prosperity. (Be self-sustaining.)

If this invitation resonates,
I look forward
to serving your personal evolution
so we can sparkle the hell
out of our individual roles
toward the next turn of our
collective evolution.

Sparkle On!