children holding handsWith a Supermoon on the 1st of January and so many other celestial and astrological events influencing, 2018 started with a roar. Only 6 days in, me thinks this is going to be an incredible year. Do you feel the immensity of the swirling energies? Do you see it already playing out in your environment? I’m so glad we’re in this together.

In the December update, I mentioned that big changes were on the horizon for EditCopyProof for 2018. Besides rebranding as armed with ink, I am retiring both the EditCopyProof and sparkingEvolution blogs. Yep, gone.

stepping stones

Those platforms were necessary stepping stones. They served a valuable purpose and that was to deliver us here. The information in both libraries isn’t pertinent anymore or remotely applicable to our capacity to create moving forward. They are being voluntarily surrendered as inspiration to make room for so much more. As a community, I and you outgrew their usefulness, which is a testament to how quickly we are evolving. Yay for us!

We are creating from the evolutionary edge now, aligned with infinite possibility and potential. That’s why a new blog platform was crucial. I could no longer build anything useful on those obsolete foundations.

gridworkIn 6 days – on the 1/11 gateway – you will be extended an exclusive invitation as a reader of the former EditCopyProof blog. The new “evolutionary blog” is intricately threaded into a fresh energetic gridwork and I look forward to seeing you there if it resonates with you.