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I wanted to take a moment to wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS. It is my sincere wish that you are enveloped in L*O*V*E during these evolutionary times, but especially as 2017 comes to a close.

Big transitions are on the horizon for EditCopyProof. After more than a decade of creating newsletter & blog content, the two are being consolidated into an evolutionary blog on a fresh, evolutionary platform. What-was is no more, in so many ways. We can bring nothing from the past forward.

The past few years have been a time of great silence within for many of us. I am no exception.

One-by-one, EVERYTHING I loved so dearly – including writing conscious sales copy and marketing content and my personal ambitions, desires, intents, dreams, passions & purposes – was invited to be placed on the altar of my life to be consumed by the fires of transformation. I acquiesced simply because I was too weary to hold on.

There were moments when I lost hope completely. Commerciallized Law of Attraction bullshit became grating noise. I didn’t even have the energy to do spiritual by-passing anymore (you know, “love and light!” said in thought or voice with an annoying, cloyingly-saccharin-sweet lilt. OMG, even now the idea makes me want to barf.). Core, foundational beliefs did not comfort me. Nothing was right, real or true. I had nothing to stand on or hold onto and yet from that vast darkness and profound sadness, something beautiful was crystallizing, unbeknownst to me.

But don’t get me wrong, on this side of being in the hot channel-o-tranformation I am not here to make you think I am Miss Mary Fucking Sunshine, emerging all put together. I am not. This has been an arduous journey through. I am pretty banged up. I KNOW you know what I mean, fellow traveler.

And yet… without sugar-coating anything, honestly, I love who I am and where I am. And I am still in-process. I love the perfectly imperfect BEing who supplanted who I was. (The former) She WAS NOT EQUIPPED to be online with what’s coming.

I am battered
AND so grateful for this process
that somehow pushed me through a pinhole so I could be this potent.

I earnestly appreciate how the journey works its magick when we completely give up… which I did… at least a million times, each time devouring something else I loved, which, in its wisdom, it always did without apology or looking back. Hah! You should have seen me so charred!

I don’t mean to portray victimhood here… at all. It’s just how it went down in my world and I cannot be the only one. Obviously, there’s a little more levity now than there used to be.

With my recent emergence, FINALLY, I see what I love returning to me in an elevated, 5D form. My elevated Self can now meet The Infinite in a way that was not possible before. I have something new to bring to life and to you with a fresh clarity.

And that’s the juice I’ve been waiting for.

I will send you an update in early January with specifics about the new construct of EditCopyProof. Until then, be well, take good care and be loving and patient with yourself and others. In the most frustrating moments, the smallest reminders to ourselves to be kind have immense power.

I L*O*V*E you.