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The Know, Like & Trust Factor is a proven marketing component focused on establishing long-term connections with prospects and clients. Customers make initial and ongoing purchasing decisions based on a strong relationship foundation of dependability, respect, mutual understanding and shared history.

The Know, Like & Trust Factor grows your business because once you have established a relationship, you have a long-term champion. Not only are they beneficiaries of your offerings themselves, but most likely, they talk. It’s to your advantage to have them saying that your products or services positively enrich their lives.

The Know, Like and Trust Factor

This relationship-building approach in business is growing exponentially because it works to consistently build loyalty, sales and a solid platform for all future product or service launches.

Customers or clients must have a connection to you on all three levels before they purchase from you and become long-term buyers. You can be in front of prospects for many months before they purchase from you. Experts say that seven or more impressions are required before people feel they know, like and trust you enough to give you their money.

Think about it; it makes sense. The evolution of any relationship takes time to establish and maintain. It may seem odd at first to transfer personal relationship concepts to business connections, but it’s not. Genuine connection to each other is an essential component in any relationship. When we conduct business as an extension of our personal lives and philosophies, this is a no-brainer. It’s simply good business to establish a method by which prospects can get to know, like and trust you as a proven, strategic method of achieving results.

Here’s how to become known, liked and trusted to build long-term client relationships:

  1. Know
    • Be transparent.
    • Share appropriate bits of your personal life.
    • Reveal aspects of your authentic self and your journey.
  2. Like
    • Use humor in your communications when appropriate.
    • Be authentically YOU… always.
    • Use your own voice.
  3. Trust
    • Consistently deliver on all promises.
    • Give content-rich information that is purely philanthropic.
    • Establish that you’re an authority based on measurable results.

Why does this work?
When clients know, like and trust you they:

  • feel comfortable (know)
  • want to support you by purchasing your products and services (like)
  • feel confident in their decision to give you their money and refer you to their family, friends and colleagues (trust)

When prospects feel that you genuinely value the relationship with them–not just their potential purchasing power–they’ll be devoted as long as you maintain the connection.


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