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powerful mindOur minds are powerful. And the ability to influence others with strategic copy is something to take seriously. It’s also a great responsibility.

As a conscious, New Earth Leader, the impact on you of using manipulative language in your marketing copy can run the full spectrum from mildly uncomfortable to physically nauseating. And that tells us something very important about how marketing is changing.

One of my clients recently shared a story: in an effort to write more effective marketing content, she immersed herself in the tips, tactics and techniques of the most acclaimed copywriters alive today. She said some of it literally upset her stomach. The recommended tactics for increasing sales didn’t resonate with her and she knew they wouldn’t resonate with her audience either.

She’s wise; she recognizes there’s something that won’t work for her readers, but what does she do about it?

It’s a very real circumstance; something to be reconciled. You cannot escape it. You must somehow bridge the gap between hardsell sales copy and light, fluffy, esoteric language. But how?

Ask any mainstream copywriter and they can tell you the 3 steps to writing copy that kills (aka converts to dramatic sales numbers and dollars), or the single-most read aspect of any sales letter, or how to inject subliminal messages into copy so readers do one thing: take action.take action

Ask them about esoteric sales language and they would probably say it has no place in the arsenal of strategies of the greatest online marketers or copywriters; that it is an embarrassment and worse, it is not even effective.

After years of exploration, making sweeping changes, trial testing, experimentation, starting from scratch on several occasions, and fine-tuning the techniques taught by my copywriting mentors, I now know that…

the most powerful way
to write content that has maximum impact
is to infuse and energize words
with your genuine intent to be of service


PlanetEarthThe truth is: you can no longer manipulate the thinking or behavior of others. People are changing and our world is changing. Although it may not be the mainstream method yet, conscious business owners are now implementing energetic imprints; the sentiments cradling the words of your copy.

The vibration of the planet is rising exponentially. Consumers are becoming aware of even the most subtle sales influences. They can now discern the energetic difference of a marketing message meant solely to sell and one intended to serve. Guess which one gets their business?

With the sentiment of manipulation as a basis for your marketing content, I promise, your words simply won’t resonate. No action will be taken by the reader and worse, you will have made your imprint on them, leaving them with something unsettling; something intangible and yet very real.

In the copywriting world, it’s termed word exploitation;
the use of words to control, dominate, or manipulate
for a specific outcome.
It’s an outdated model that has no place in our future.

Fortunately, you are no longer limited to:

  • hard-sell techniques
  • underlying, hidden or mixed messages
  • attempts to address lack, loss, heartache, damage or woundedness
  • scheming subliminal messages, or
  • “proven” formulas based on a crumbling marketing paradigm based in patriarchy

You have new, energetic options to powerfully portray your business and feature your offerings.

conscious creationBreathing vibrance into your words of a pure intent to serve, maintains the integrity of you, your inspired work, and your readers. The power behind words is actually more impactful than the specific words you choose. Of course the words matter to some degree – and they must be based on the fullness of life, instead of deficit, lack, frustration, etc. – but be assured: the sentiment of words carries a positive influence uniquely its own, based on your genuine desire to use your products and services to enrich the world.

With the shifting business model to a collaborative, cooperative, everyone-wins approach, real-world results prove there’s something tangible and applicable to the business world on the other side of this “woo-woo” stuff.


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