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pricingThere are many approaches to pricing copyediting client projects. Options include per-project, per-page, per-word, etc. as well as offering flexible payment options, but essentially it comes down to: the actual time and expertise involved to become familiar with your business and edit your content through this lens.

Let me explain:

When prospective clients contact me, it is the perfect opportunity to teach them about the inner-workings of a professional copyediting business so they have the most positive experience. Often they make understandable assumptions about the cost, process and turnaround times; they simply don’t know, and why would they? 98% of them have never worked with a skilled copyeditor in any capacity.

For the purpose of this article, I will focus on the process.

woman at desk workingAs a consumer and prospective client, it might surprise you to learn that the process of editing includes much more than reading your content and reformulating—or enhancing—existing content for greatest impact. Pricing reflects the time involved to familiarize myself with your business mission, goals, marketing plan and ideal customer characteristics. Without that level of involvement, you are not likely to experience results because the specific language I embed (and activate) in your marketing materials is derived from this background, investigative component. Obviously, this takes time and it is essential to ensure I effectively capture the vital essence of your business.

For me to do my best copyediting for clients,
I have a proven approach that delivers results. Period.
I would do you a disservice to say I can edit your content
without first knowing the innerworkings of your business.

Let’s look at other professions for which this same approach (familiarizing themselves with your unique background and personal objective) is crucial to a beneficial outcome. Based on specific training and experience:

  • An attorney advises you to the best of her ability when you provide a detailed “back story.”
  • A medical professional ascertains a probable diagnosis by listening to your symptoms (supported by an exam and/or testing).
  • A web designer has an established and proven process (usually a customized list of detailed questions) to determine how he can marry his talents with your end goals.
  • An accountant requests a history of tax returns and uses this information to maximize the tax law to your greatest advantage.
  • A financial planner carefully reviews your existing portfolio and develops a smart, strategic long-term plan for financial success and freedom.

discoveryAny professional who is consulted to enhance your business–or personal aspects of life–must go through a discovery process to do their very best for you. Although that may take many forms, it is a necessary part of the process. And so it is with copyediting.

Based on my combination of skills including copywriting, copyediting, ghostwriting and online marketing, I bring all of this to every project. I cannot compromise quality or integrity by offering a sub-standard service to make the cost affordable to an entrepreneur who doesn’t understand the fundamental importance of the behind-the-scenes process (which is what allows me to provide them the greatest value).

The discovery process takes time and as the old adage goes Time Equals Money.

true valueMy business skill set is at a premium. My services are delivered at a premium standard. And my pricing reflects that. No apologies; no compromises; no desire on my part to give away value as if it had none. I know the value of my services.

What about you? Where might you compromise pricing–for whatever reasons–that leave your customers or clients wondering if what you offer has true value?


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