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It had been an uneventful workday and now it was time for my evening walk. I strolled along the path that paralleled a waterway; an 8-foot section of grass separating the two. On the ¾-mile return trip, I walked up onto the grassy mound, straight toward something that energetically beckoned me. The entire walk I hadn’t paid attention to anything in particular; I hadn’t been on the grass; I hadn’t even looked at the grass… until this moment.

I walked directly toward an energy that clearly summoned me. And there was a baby catfish! Still alive and obviously in distress, I tossed the little guy into the water without thinking. In an instant I was experiencing the full awareness of the multi-dimensional aspects of what just happened. I definitely responded to the silent, yet prominent cry for help. But how did I hear her/him? What spiritual/energetic ears was I using? And, most exciting to me, how could I refine this skill? This was so cool and I wanted more!

The experience made me wonder about the new skills we are manifesting and being gifted to navigate The Shift. For one person it may be that they experience a newfound ease; for another, intuition may be added to their skill set. It is individualized for each of us based on the skills that will support us in the near future, as well as a manifestation of the Divine gifts we desire. After all, we do have the ability to clarify and bring our desires to fruition. Anyway, back to the story…

A profound sense of purpose and gratitude enveloped me as I reviewed the entire scene. I was so thrilled to be there to help at just the perfect moment. Gratitude spilled out of my heart and overflowed with the awareness that when we use these new skills, unexpected and miraculous things effortlessly unfold, and can become a natural part of our everyday lives. We can be assured that if we have committed to being of service during these extraordinary times, that magic has a guiding wisdom of its own.

I don’t know what happened to that little catfish, but I know I acted based on something quite intangible and mysterious. Something greater than my mere human perception occurred. I heard nothing with my ear-based hearing sense. I saw nothing until I was in the most advantageous position. I thought nothing as my feet simply moved my body. I didn’t even intuit or feel anything. I wasn’t functioning within the parameters of this plane. By some other orchestration, I was positioned to be right there, right then to make a beneficial contribution that supported the whole; that tiny creature, me, and somehow all of humanity and the planet… I just know it. How? That I don’t know.

Maximizing these magical moments isn’t about thinking, hearing, assessing, feeling or even intuiting. It is simply about being the fullness of who you are so you can be guided in the direction to take the perfect action that provides the greatest positive impact.


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