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One of the most precious gifts to awaken me to its presence is that of peace… specifically peace amidst swirling change.

As a conscious entrepreneur, you are likely experiencing massive shifts. To this point, the reliable constructs of your life have provided you a sense of security. Whether they have been constructs of relationship, home, income, family, or health, along with many other healers and lightworkers, you are experiencing some or all of these constructs changing dramatically and often completely disintegrating before your eyes!

It is becoming increasingly difficult–and often impossible–to uphold constructs of the former paradigm. We cannot bring into the future what has been a structure of the past. We are creating everything anew and yet the task can seem daunting… especially when many aspects of life are converging and falling at once.

The only true security you have now is the experience of inner peace amidst the swirling. But how do you get there? How do you maintain it? How does it become a way of being in every moment, regardless of the circumstances around you?

Let’s explore each of these questions.

How do you get to a place of peace?

Honestly, I don’t know exactly how I got here; to experience the fullness of blissed-out peace that permeates my entire being, while the whirling dervish of that which is falling away does just–and only–that. I wish it were as easy as a 1-2-3 formula. If it were, I would gladly share my hard-earned, insider secrets with you.

It is my understanding that I am experiencing this peace because of 50+ years of deep introspection, a heart’s pure desire to serve humanity during this evolutionary shift and the willingness to move beyond former constructs of security, including those that served me only moments ago. That’s the evolved, mature, concise version.

In my early years, I experienced the same swirling, but without the peace. Think: distraught, worried, disconcerted, fearful, disheartened, hopeless, exhausted, etc. Can you relate?

I like this current experience of ever-present-peace much better!

So, if you’re not there, how do you get there? Go within, my friend. That’s the only place it can ever be found. Go within as often and as deeply as you have the capacity to go. You will find your peace there. Promise.

How do you maintain it?

The way to maintain peaceflow is the same as maintaining anything else that has value to you: with attention. The more you feed peace; the more you claim it as your divine right; the more you declare it as your truth and embody peace as a lifestyle, the more it is yours. And when you have fed it enough, it fuels itself, remaining in perpetual motion.

How does peace become a way of being in every moment, regardless of the changing circumstances around you?

With practice! Fortunately, we are being given Divine dispensations, making replacing old patterns–and replacing them with higher frequencies–easier than ever. With a little love and attention, peace will land ever-so-lightly on your soul-shoulder (just like a sweet butterfly) and then it can be easily embodied.

In conclusion

As a living model of peace amidst swirling change, not only does this benefit you, you are positioned to support others. Simply by being it, and allowing the benefits to emanate outward, your colleagues, family and friends will have easier access to living peace within themselves.

This is an essential tool for these interesting, evolutionary times. It’s a skill that supports you always, regardless of what’s happening around you. No matter what may be falling away, dissolving, disintegrating or dismantling, it is your birthright to experience the fullness of it all with peace.



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