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Trying to write spiritual copy without the pure energetic intent to back it up gets my official ‘thumbs down.’

I notice an interesting phenomenon. More and more heart-based entrepreneurs find me and tell me about nightmarish stories of copywriters who are ‘faking’ the spiritual copywriting process. As in: trying to write spiritual copy without the pure energetic intent to back it up.

What’s the result for these business owners who place their trust in copywriters who try to capture the ‘enlightened’ market for monetary (or other) gain? Pure disappointment and loss of time, money and confidence in delegating these important marketing tasks.

As one of the few copywriters who truly understands the energetics behind copy developed based on service- and spiritual-oriented principles, I do a lot of damage control and trust-rebuilding. It hurts my heart deeply to hear these stories.

For anyone ‘faking it,’ it is absolutely and unequivocally impossible to deliver real, resonant copy. Why? Because even if the business owner cannot articulate it, they intuit that something is amiss. The initial conversation will feel ‘off.’ And if they proceed in hiring in spite of their inner guidance, the content will be unaligned with the mission and message. I interpret this as a Divine mechanism that disallows creative flow that hits the mark (aka delivers content that is spot-on). Results can only ever be inferior.

Let me widen this lens…

No matter what business you’re in, you cannot fake authenticity. You cannot fake a genuine heart-of-service. And you cannot fake energetics that are directly linked to both. You are either true to your integrity or not. You are either true to your service to humanity or not. There is no in-between, and there’s no room for compromise. Attempts to ‘fake it’ leave an impression that you’re an imposter; maybe not your intent, but true nevertheless.

So, if you’re in the market for a copywriter who understands your heart-motivated market, effortlessly captures your voice and writes like you would, and infuses the content with a high vibration of service and results, what are the things to look (and feel) for?

Here is a list of the 5 indicators of someone who can deliver on what they promise:

  1. You and they will have an instant rapport.
  2. They will ‘speak your language.’
  3. You will feel that you’ve known them ‘forever.’
  4. Their Web site and other marketing materials will feel like the answer to your prayers/the perfect solution for your business needs.
  5. They will have a portfolio of projects similar to the project for which you require copy.
  6. BONUS! They will have testimonials from people within the same or similar industries as yours.

(Note that these guidelines also work for feeling/finding other service providers.)

The task of delegating to others may not be easy, especially at first, but it is essential to grow your business. You cannot possibly fill every role within your company and expand. Delegation is a necessity. By trusting your guidance based on how you feel during your initial interaction with service professionals, you will always make wise choices. You can be sure of it, because it is a built-in system to support you in navigating life, but you must listen and act on it! (And move on quickly when something doesn’t feel right to you.)



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