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As you well know from the personal and planetary shifts unfolding in your life right now, things are a-changin’ in BIG ways. With these changes come the natural evolution of language, copywriting and marketing approaches that better capture and emanate higher frequencies.

As you navigate the current shifts within your heart- and service-based business, more than ever before you will find yourself leaning over the edge of the abyss; that which is completely unknown. From this space of maximum creativity potential, you will approach copywriting and marketing tasks from a perspective that is as new as every other newness presenting itself right now. If you haven’t already, soon you’ll notice a deep desire to revamp your copy or scrap it all and start from square one. Starting anew is a powerful way to infuse who and where you are RIGHT NOW into the heart of your business.

Because of the unique nuances of your journey, you have something unique to say; something else no other being on the planet can convey. So, it’s up to you to be the living model of how it looks to incorporate your fresh experiences into the way you write your copy and the way you market your newest products and services.

Much has been said about heart language as it applies to business copy and marketing efforts. This new paradigm goes so much farther than that. You’ll step into a full-blown expression of your highest capacity to serve others with authenticity in ways you never before imagined. And you’ll write from a sacred space that truly touches the hearts of your ideal customers. Your focus will be on serving, not selling.

Your business is a living, breathing, Divine expression. It morphs. It evolves. To be sustainable it cannot be bogged down by “the way it’s always been.” NOW is the moment to be on that edge; to write and create from a space that beckons you to do what has never been done before.

There’s so much to explore. New possibilities abound and yet you must be willing to set aside anything and everything that resembles old paradigm and march on! Trust yourself; trust this process to guide you into the unknown. I’ll see you there, Dear One.



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