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‘Conscious Copywriting’ is a divinely-inspired combination of traditional copywriting and heart-based language infused with the spirit of genuine service to promote a product, a business, a person or an idea; and carefully selecting, editing, weaving and constructing those words to objectively invite the reader to take a specific and measurable action. ~Charlon Bobo


Conscious copywriting assumes that consumers accurately intuit the intent behind your words, and they do. Even when they cannot precisely identify or articulate it, they feel when they’re being “sold” or if your sales agenda lacks integrity. It’s the unspoken energy of words; on an instinctual feeling level, they just know!

Words contain and emanate energy.

As one who is heart- and service-centered yourself, it’s very likely your audience is, as well. Your prospects won’t respond to fear-based, overtly-manipulative or subtly-scheming language, or the vibration attached to them. Why? Because these traditional copywriting tactics are not aligned with the new earth energies of transparency, integrity and authenticity.

When your conscious copywriting captures the attention of prospects with honesty, the intent behind your words has done its job: to leave a positive impression; a resonance of truth and trust for an ongoing relationship.

As consumers, we distinctly remember being delighted by a product or service. As human beings, similarly, we remember being delighted by a genuine connection. Being delighted just feels good. And feeling good produces electric impulses in the brain, releasing chemicals like oxytocin. Based on the results of one study, interestingly, a release of oxytocin increased trust and reduced fear in the test subjects. The level of trust was twice as high as those in the control group!1(Remember this as you develop your next marketing piece; it’s important.)

What’s the primary difference between traditional copywriting and conscious copywriting?

Conscious copywriting is distinctly different from traditional copywriting in that its primary objective is to serve. Traditional copywriting uses methods intended exclusively to sell, often imploring tactics to accentuate pain or manipulatethe reader to action, as mentioned above. Conscious copywriting is infused with the genuine desire to provide a valuable product or service to enhance and enrich the purchaser’s life. You won’t see slippery sales tactics involved in conscious copywriting. Not only does it not work, it leaves the reader with the sense that you are not a part of their success team.

Whether you write blog posts, articles, special reports, books, eBooks, web site content, tri-fold brochures, sales letters for a product, service or event, or product descriptions, infuse them with heart. How? With the 7 Elemental Facets of Heart-focused Copywriting.

The 7 Elemental Facets of Heart-focused Copywriting to Engage and Enchant your Audience

In my professional journey to uncover the mystery of copywriting techniques that contain pure intent, I discovered the 7 elemental facets of heart-focused content. They became my reliable, go-to foundation. The more I focused on how to align my writing with them, the better they worked. And they will work for you, too. They are:

  1. Be real
  2. Inject your personality
  3. Reveal something personal
  4. Highlight benefits to the reader
  5. Focus on creating a connection
  6. Use language that is fully transparent
  7. Offer products or services intended to truly serve

Business is changing dramatically, and there are many more changes to come. We continue to explore a collaborative, relationship-based business dynamic and there are numerous opportunities to be on the cutting edge of creating the new evolutionary business model. As a conscious business owner it is up to you to be an example of the changing business paradigm, and one key is to incorporate conscious copywriting as you promote your products and services with heart.


Article contains excerpted content from Spiritual Copywriting Essentials; a 44-page guide and separate companion workbook teaching you step-by-step how to write compelling and heart-based web sites, sales letters, articles, brochures, blog posts + press releases that engage your ideal market, establish credibility, and increase sales.



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