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2017As is true within many industries during these evolutionary times, what has worked for decades no longer applies. Time-tested principles, systems and approaches have already been replaced (at least energetically); nothing will ever be the same.

It is happening right before our eyes. We are in unprecedented times that require brand new skills. And it’s completely your choice about how willingly you adopt and implement these fresh perspectives to enrich your business and your life.

Traditional copywriting methods have changed dramatically in the past few years as we individually and collectively align more with the heart. (Know that this is the key to everything moving forward! YES, even business.)

As time passes, you will see less copy that accentuates the reader’s pain, uses manipulative language and emphasizes urgency. You will see much more copy based on the three prominent principles explored below. These points will guide you in developing high-impact copy so your business thrives in 2017 and beyond.

Principle #1: Service vs. Selling

Successful copywriting now focuses solely on service. If you are still trying to sell, switch your tactics. Selling no longer works. Your prospects don’t need to be convinced; they simply need to know what you’re offering so they can make the best decision for themselves.

And forego the obnoxious formatting schemes; yellow highlighting, extensive bolding and the use of different fonts is a visual and energetic assault. Make your presentation clean, pleasant and as succinct as possible while still providing all the necessary information for your prospect to decide whether or not this offer is a good fit for them.

Principle #2: Copy Infused with Pure Intent

Heart-based copy has a unique vibrance to it; a vibrance you cannot fake. You can use the “correct,” new-age, heart language and yet if your content lacks the energy of pure intent, sales will be negatively impacted.

If you’re a heart-based business owner, it’s very likely your ideal customers are heart-based, as well. Connect to the heart of your audience with a genuine intent to serve them and they’ll feel it. If they decide to purchase from you, great! If they don’t, they will feel and appreciate your intention anyway. That’s still a much better impression to leave than one of slippery sales tactics that use the right words, but lack integrity. To your reader, your message will feel misaligned energetically. Remember: your audience can feel the difference!

As you write, consciously infuse the letters, the words and the sentences with grounded purity that they serve the highest interest of all who read them. As a result, your readers will notice a distinct difference between your copy and the copy of other-even conscious-business owners.

Principle #3: In-the-moment Creation

If there’s one skill I recommend mastering for the future, it’s the ability to trust the current moment to guide you to your next great creation, collaboration or copy.

Going, going, gone are the days when your linear, left-brain came up with the language to market your products or services based on traditional copywriting training. The new approach to copywriting isn’t cerebral or formulaic; it comes straight from the heart. That’s why it is such a natural match for female entrepreneurs.

From this point forward, everything juicy will come directly from your heart, with the left-brain engaged only to develop a method to implement what the heart has inspired. Yes, the left hemisphere has a purpose, but it will be working much less as we rely much more on the guiding wisdom of the heart.

You’ll notice that if you are aligned with the spirit of true service and you trust the creative process when you develop your copy, writing flows effortlessly. This is one of the Divine dispensations that is being gifted to us as we navigate new business principles during The Shift.

The more you practice this moment-by-moment trusting, the easier it becomes. Promise!

In Conclusion

Now that you know the three copywriting principles for 2017 and beyond, it’s natural to think that this is too simple to work effectively… and you couldn’t be more misguided if this is your assumption.

Collectively we have recently opened portals that allow for much greater ease, flow and success in (every fact of life including) business. Why not actively align yourself with the future of effective copywriting, especially if it means you will invest less of your precious resources and achieve better results?



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