Luminaries are known by many labels: lightworkers, visionaries, L.O.H.A.S. (lifestyles of health and sustainability), spiritual, empathic, conscious, crazy, black sheep, dreamers, etc. You get the point. We are luminescent and our true natures have never been able to be contained, though many have tried! Unfortunately, many of us have experienced extreme challenges in functioning within constricting and confusing societal convention, but we’ve done remarkably well, regardless.

We have never fit in. We posses our own values; our own ways of seeing and knowing; our own sense of identity, purpose, and meaning—for ways of living that don’t yet exist, but that we are actively creating in these (r)evolutionary times.

Luminaries clear the way for others to follow; they illuminate the path. Luminaries are well-equipped to lead because we have spent our lives quietly refining and mastering heart-based skill sets; we know exactly what to do within the constructs of the new paradigm because we have invested years learning to trust our inner guiding wisdom. For some of us it is the only thing that has ever consistently resonated as truth.

As a luminary, now is your moment to step into your purpose for being born. It’s your birthright, but YOU must claim it, own it and live it! Stop thinking about what’s next or wondering about the how and take some action instead. You have never been more supported to make your contribution to the evolutionary shift and simultaneously create the life of your heart’s desires.



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