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The business of earning an income will no longer be work; you know, doing what you don’t love and compromising your precious life gifts and energies just to pay the bills.

Instead, work will describe doing whatever is your heart’s desire to serve humanity. Whatever you can imagine, you can do based on new spiritual/celestial support that has never been made so directly accessible. Your work will be your unique contribution to pushing ahead the collective, unified vision. And we will all arrive together.

[begin channeled message from “The Collective”]

When we say you can support yourself doing what you love, we know your inner voice is activated with messages that say, “You can’t do what you love and make money.” Or No one will pay you to ________.” And to you we say, all activations have been opened and charged for you to do even the most non-sensical things for payment. You will notice a creative outpouring that will we lead you through step-by-step into the how of this (f)unfolding. Trust yourself now.

Without effort, you will find yourself knowing exactly what to do next. You will notice great ease and deep inner contentment.Begin noticing the clues that appear in front of you every day. They have always been there, but they are more prominent now so you can see them. Take notice, Dear Ones! Watch with wonder as new ideas come in from all directions to support your ability to do what you love, serve humanity and be completely supported in your finances. We understand this aspect of life is important where you are and we work within your realms to support you under these conditions.

For those of you who are worried about finances; about how you will exist; what you will do for money, allow us to give you one more insight: You are in charge, here. Nothing is ever imposed on you. Nothing is “destined” as you hear some people say. Simply Iisten and take action based on what you hear and feel. Feeling is MOST important. There’s no push; there’s no force; there’s just you on the edge of an unfolding of what you desire to experience. Feel how good it is to experience bounty by simply doing what you love. It need not be any more complicated. Trust us and trust yourself.

[end of channeled message]

Wow, they make this sound so easy, and even though I wonder how something so simple is possible, the way I feel when I read their message is unmistakable; somehow I know the truth of it. It resonates within every cell of my being.

And based on very recent events in trying on their “do what you love” approach, it produces very tangible, real-world results. It seems that the more willing we are to release old ways of being and thinking, the more we find ourselves on the delicious and magical edge of creation itself. It’s an incredible place to be. I look for you here.



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