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Attempts to influence the sale are so tired. And they’re losing their effectiveness.

Whether you write your own marketing content or you hire a pro, it’s important to understand how the industries of copywriting and marketing are changing to incorporate spiritual writing principles that work.

Traditional copywriting and marketing methods include subtle (and not-so-subtle) manipulation, and calculated pain-accentuation targeted to the ego (which is always looking for ways to be pain- and care-free). They also address the more fragile aspects of the mainstream personality with an emphasis on limit, lack or keeping pace with others.

Take a moment to reread and feel that last paragraph. How does it feel? As a consumer, do you prefer to be on the receiving end of marketing efforts that contain such a low vibration that it may not even be measurable? Probably not. And, if you don’t want to feel this, why would you inflict this on your beloved customers and clients? The fact is: you wouldn’t and I’ll tell you what you can do differently RIGHT NOW to model New Age business practices.

It’s called by many names: spiritual copywriting, heart-based copywriting, conscious copywriting, evolutionary copywriting, revolutionary copywriting, etc.

The new copywriting approach touts
service, not selling;
an invitation, not a manipulation

As a business owner it is your job to write about what you do with an emphasis on service, ending with an integrity-based invitation. Your readers will know if your offer is right for them. You don’t need to convince anyone of any thing. You’re not in the business of selling. That’s too hard, it’s unnecessary and it doesn’t even work.

When you consciously place yourself in service, your copy takes on a new, higher vibration. It attracts the perfect customers who are ready and happy to pay you for your offerings. There is a true connection. There is resonance. There is the basis of a mutually-beneficial long term relationship.

So, what can you do right now to shift into the serving/invitation heartset (vs. mindset)?

Action item #1: Before you write your copy, get out of the selling mindset. In fact, get out of your mind altogether. Divine copy doesn’t come from your left brain. It comes quite naturally by being a willing conduit of service to humanity via your business. When you access your inner spiritual copywriter via Divine flow, you’ll be amazed at what comes through you.

Action item #2: Remember, you’re not trying to convince anyone of any thing. Before you begin writing, ask yourself:

  • How would I write about my products or services if I weren’t trying to convince (sell)?
  • What language (specific words) would I use to serve (instead of sell)?
  • What would I want my readers to feel as they read my offer(s)?

These two action items activate a new writing style; one that’s way more effective and memorable than being the one who accentuated fear, pain and lack. Oh, they’ll remember you if you implement these old-paradigm tactics, but it won’t be a pleasant memory. You want to leave a positive impression. And with heart- and service-based copywriting, you will.

service + invitation = new paradigm business solutions


(Stay tuned for next week’s feature about faking spiritual writing principles. You don’t want to miss this. HINT: a Divine mechanism is in place to make ‘faking it’ impossible! Until then, be blessed and be well.)