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New-paradigm Truth-Telling (yes, with two capital T’s because it’s that important) is a refined spirit-based expression comprised of:

  • an energetic, encoded vibration
  • inspired, spoken words to facilitate the greatest benefit for all parties directly involved in your current earthly circumstance (micro), and for the entire collective of humanity (macro)

Yeah, it’s a pretty big deal.

Truth-Telling: a sacred skill

Truth-Tellers are committed to shedding light; that is all. Truth-Telling is not about ego, opinion, agenda or reaction. The act of Truth-Telling contains the pure, high vibration of Light. Truth-Telling is infused — and delivered with — compassion.

For Truth-Tellers, this expression is an extension of our very (G*d) being. It isn’t something we “do.” It is a necessary skill that’s coming to the fore for many light workers. We feel it as a “calling” and it becomes more prominent as we exercise and Master this new spiritual muscle. There is great responsibility for the Truth-Teller. S/he must be ready and able to set aside the entirety of the self to serve the greater Universal unfolding/agenda.

Truth-Tellers deliver eloquent messages often before they think, for thought is not a part of this process. Their message emanates exclusively from the heart. They speak from conviction about matters of protection for those who cannot protect themselves, Universal love, and innovative ways of navigating all aspects of this incredible evolutionary process.

Truth-Teller or not… how do I tell?

If making others accountable based on your standards and personal agenda is your M.O. and/or you enjoy the feeling of power that accompanies it, YOU ARE NOT a Truth-Teller. You are wounded and trying to feel better by focusing on the frailties of others instead of doing the hard work of healing yourself. Truth-Tellers have no agenda save for illumination.

Truth and consequences

As a Truth-Teller, you will be loved and despised. Guaranteed. For the most part, people are very uncomfortable with accountability, especially if they perceive you as the person “making” them accountable. Oooooh, they hate that! Our very presence seems to antagonize those who have the most to hide. People scatter when they see us coming… if not physically, then certainly energetically. Truth-teller… it isn’t a popular role. And not recommended as a career choice. Depending on your perspective, the good news/bad news is that you may find yourself with a lot more self-time as you tell more Truth! Which allows you even more time to refine this sacred skill.

This skill is a new-paradigm necessity. For too long have shrouded veils, deceit, control, domination and manipulation been active. It’s the dawn of a new day, baby, and the name of this day is TRUTH.

I clearly see these times as a point-of-delineation between those who are ready right now to step up + speak up, and those who aren’t; no judgment here, just an observation. Those who are ready to step up into the role of Truth-Teller are finding it impossible to remain silent any longer. They calmly yet passionately speak out in ways that may be uncharacteristic of them… until now. That is all changing.

For those who have ears+hearts to hear, it is a warm, welcome message; one they’ve soulfully waited for for millenia. For those who don’t have ears+hearts to hear, well, Truth-Tellers are an annoyance at best and fuel a fuming rage at worst. But none of that matters when you’re a Truth-Teller. I know you know what I mean. [insert BIG smile of solidarity here]



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