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We are being beckoned by the greatness of All That Is into the fullness of Who We Are.

Along the journey, I notice old (but still very prominent) paradigm patterning — especially among women — compromising the very (sacred) essence of Who We Are.

We comply. We acquiesce. We maintain a pleasant persona. We defer. We apologize inappropriately. We remain silent in the face of abhorrent behavior. We silence ourselves. We silence other women. “Ssshhhhhhhhh,” we say.

Think about the many ways you are willing to sacrifice your unique expression. No, really. Think about it. Why do you do it? To keep the peace? To be accepted by others? To maintain the status quo? To simply fit in?

There’s a cost, you know. The cost is that we squelch our voices for so long, in so many little (seemingly insignificant) ways, that we forget we have a voice. When we forget we have a voice, we stop speaking (why bother?). When we stop speaking, our Divine life essence diminishes. When our Divine life essence diminishes, dreams (and entire life manifestations) cease to be realized in their fullness.

When we silently sacrifice our unique expression, we are subconsciously, but actively, participating in the compromise of ourselves, all women and all girl children. I ask: What deity does this behavior honor? In its perpetuation, what value does it serve?

Speak up, I say! Express yourself in the fullness of Who You Are, I say! You have a voice gifted to you by the Creatrix/Creator. No societal dictate or collective, silent agreement has authority over your personal expression. You are only accountable to yourself, your Creatrix/Creator, and The Collective that is impacted by the absence of your unique voice and your inability to express the fullness of Who You Are.

Too much is lost in the “shush.” Collectively and individually, we cannot afford the cost. Let it out, Sisters. Let it all out. You came to express the fullness of Who You Are. Let it be so. In every word, thought, action and feeling… let it be so.



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