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… and I couldn’t help her unless and until she did this ONE thing. (You’ll find out what it was as you read our private email exchange after she requested a fr*ee 15-minute session.)

Mary’s original session application said:

I was raped repeatedly at age two by my step father. I was abused by him in all other ways throughout my childhood. I have a lot of intense fears of many things. I have lots of anxiety. I wake up hyperventilating at times and have had hives from stress.

Eight months ago I got out of a two-year relationship with a sociopath, habitual liar, and sex addict.  

I have had PTSD several times. I am currently in a relationship where past issues are being triggered to come up for release.  I have felt like I am having PTSD again on some level.  Wishing I were dead has come up a few times in the past two weeks as a result.  I feel I can’t keep going through this anymore. My heart can’t take any more pain.

Mary’s second submission later that day:

I have thought of some more things I want to add. I feel that I am very much emotionally messed up. I feel there is so much I can’t seem to control within me as a result of the childhood trauma I experienced. Here are additional things I wanted to add that I have noticed about myself.

* Trying to control things (to feel safe from getting hurt)
* Hard to go with the flow
* Insecure
* Angry
* Feel like a victim at times
* Hyper-vigilance
* Need help to open my heart to receiving love
* Don’t love myself

As energy healers, we navigate the interesting and often heart-wrenching twists-and-turns of working with prospects and clients.
The degree of damage that we carry as individuals is enormous and the pain we drag with us becomes unbearable. That’s when people often reach out to us for support.

I didn’t respond to Mary’s request for a session until the next day, which is very unlike me. I usually respond within minutes and yet I could not move into the space occupied by Mary because it was FULL of her story. I knew I could not help her by joining her there.

With careful contemplation and extensive spiritual preparation, I responded:

Hello, Mary~

Thank you for your inquiry about a 15-minute session.

As an energy worker, it is vital for me to ascertain the clients who will benefit the most from my services, including the complimentary 15-minute session.

From experience, clients who achieve the greatest results are those who have moved beyond their story and the retelling of their story into a position of taking full responsibility for directing their lives. This isn’t to say what occurred in your history can be ignored or that it didn’t shape your current experience, but as luminaries we MUST be willing to step into something new. The way to do that is to consciously begin functioning in new ways and be fully responsible and accountable for every aspect of our lives.

You are not a victim of your circumstances unless you continue to choose this position with your words, thoughts, actions and feelings, feeding and perpetuating the “old story.”

That is not a blaming statement. I, too, was physically and sexually invaded as a child and it was only *I* who could decide at a pivotal moment-of-truth at the age of 36 to live consciously, with meaning and value that *I* determined, and not based on my childhood experiences.

I meet clients at the point of their willingness to take full ownership of their lives. And that’s the only place their world opens up. I am a facilitator and can only do my part. Clients who realize miraculous results in working with me are those who have “stepped up” like never before, often into the greatest challenge of their lives.

As unpopular as it is, to do my best, sometimes I must use words as a means of accountability. That is my gift. So, I invite you to explore these comments and choose how you want the rest of your life to unfold. Whatever you decide is exactly what you will experience; truly any scenario is possible for you, but it must first be emphatically claimed and declared by you as your desire.

I will check in with you next week via email to determine a best-direction (a session or other resources) based on what you decide and what you experience in the coming days.

In the mean time, I HIGHLY recommend listening DAILY to the most recent transmission from Children of the Sun and allowing the encoded healing that it contains to support you.

Know that the Universe fully supports the vision you hold for yourself; make it a good one!


I hit the “send” button, releasing this message into the great All That Is. I had done my best job at honoring my intuitive knowing that I had to do more than agree to hosting her session. I had to give a voice to truth.

Later that afternoon, I opened an email from Mary, not having any idea what her response would be. Whatever it was, all was well. It had to be. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to read:

Mary said:

Thank you, Charlon.

It’s interesting that you sent me this message today. Last night while laying in bed thinking about things, I came to the conclusion that I am not my past or what happened to me. I am a wonderful person on many levels and the only thing that keeps me trapped in victim mode is myself. I realized that I must tell a different story and release the old stuff coming up and just like cleaning house, get rid of the last remaining bits of that old story. 

That is the opportunity that I have now to finally release it as all it is now is remnants of emotions from the past. I chose to react differently this time, change the story to one where I get what I want and deserve as a child of God. I will not claim that old story as mine ever again. I am stepping up into myself. Today I feel more love and empowerment!

… [I] feel better emotionally today than I have for two weeks. I am now taking responsibility for my part in creating my life. I have, this morning, emphatically claimed how I want my life to be and the telling of a different story.
Thank you.

Wow. Just wow.

So, what’s in the illumined insight from this story?

  1. As hard as it is to change the habit, we MUST choose to thrive and tell a different story if we want to experience a different life.
  2. We choose a different story with every word, thought, action and feeling.
  3. It is our Divine birthright to direct the course of our life by declaring that it is so; by taking full authority.
  4. Miracles begin where/when we “step up.”
  5. When it is our sacred duty to speak truth, we must. When we do this with humility and to preserve the value of our unique gifts, we make ourselves available for those who are truly ready to receive the benefits of our services.

Mary changed her life today. And so can you.

~ * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A personal note to Mary: I bow in awe to the great courage it took to change the trajectory of your life. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of having a front-row seat to your amazing transformation. You are a true inspiration and I wish you a miracle-filled journey.

In love and support,


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