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If you want to truly live, it’s essential.

What’s “your story?” The repetition in your words, thoughts, actions and feelings of how you’ve been wronged, disadvantaged, cheated, fragmented, etc. As luminaries and/or evolutionary entrepreneurs, there’s a higher standard for us. Often we are beckoned to do the more difficult things; to be more accountable; to model the new earth energies. Yeah, I know… what were we thinking?!

Relating to the state of the planet, Cormac Cullinan states, “the rules by which we have been governing ourselves are not working. It is time to change the rules of the game.”

The rules of the entire game of life have already changed: planetarily, humanitarily, scientifically, spiritually, physically, emotionally, psychologically, etc. Like it or not, we are moving in unprecedented directions at increasing speeds. Have you noticed that time itself has changed? Without being able to clearly identify the difference, there is one. Events are unfolding with or without us. I don’t know about you, but I want to be in on the new game. I want to be a part of consciously and lovingly crafting our new direction.

To do that I must be fully present.
To be that, I must shed the feelings of identity I have with Who I Was.
To do that I must ditch my story.

I am no longer her. You are no longer her/him.

As long as you “feed the monster” (perpetuating your tired, old story in your words, thoughts, actions and feelings), you are everywhere but here, in this moment. If this moment is so full of What Was, it cannot reveal the juice of What Is; What Is is saturated with What Was and can never come into the fullness of itself.

So what’s the resolve? Ditch your story. As long as you’re looking back, you cannot envision your future. Let it go. Get your power back. Really. It is an option. And you can choose it right now.

Through the years, I have openly shared my personal story of childhood sexual molestation. I realized one day very recently that a molested child is not Who I Am. Retelling the story kept me There. I am a spark of this Universe. I am a beacon of hope. I am many things, but that story had to go. I am not a victim of circumstances. My story had no purpose any longer in my awareness; no value, in my words, thoughts, actions or feelings. So, I consciously decided to move beyond it, promising to be fully present in eager anticipation of every future moment. And it really feels complete. I feel lighter and happier.

No one ever heard me say this journey was easy. But it can full of joy when you understand that you are not your story. And when you come alive to the fullness of pure possibility without your story, you can set it down with grace, acknowledge that it served you well, and move beyond it to create a life that’s expansive and is a true reflection of your soulful self; who you really are.

I see you, beautiful.



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