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A. wrote:

Charlon, I made a really stupid mistake. I was sooo passionate before, sooo creative. I had so much to think about, I silently prayed for the little inner voice to go away [that told me] to create every day. I didn’t have time- I was too busy… And the voice did. It left me and in its place an unimaginable hole of blackness. I tried to use my will power and ego to create and grow back into where I was but it is not helping. I long to have my old self back it is truly killing me, if I am not already dead. I don’t know if it is my subconscious that got the order or the angel on my shoulder, because I cannot bear to think I told my dear Guardian Angel to F* off.

Please help.

My response:

Hello, A.~

Breathe, Dear One. Yes, a deep breath in and a slow, conscious exhale. There are no mistakes; only lessons to be learned.

When we use the power of our voices to direct Divine inspirations, those entities are obligated to respond. If we command them to stop, they must. So now you’re having that experience. You are feeling the contrast, that’s all. No judgment or self-condemnation will bring you back into that sweet spot. Be merciful. Love and adore yourself for the courage it takes to learn a very important lesson. Nothing is lost. (Who knows? That may be the very lesson you learned so you could empower others!)

You are not dead; in fact, quite the opposite. You are wide awake with full awareness of the power you have to create the exact experience you want. You voiced your desire (to have the voice go away), and it happened! What a powerful manifester you are! Can you imagine what will unfold in your life when you command all spiritual entities to conspire on your behalf with that same voice?! Look out, Sister!

It sounds like you are ripe-and-ready to move ahead with a lesson learned; one you’ll never forget.

Before I get to the “how” of building a brand new connection with Source, first I want to address your comment “I tried to use my will power and ego to create and grow back into where I was….

Moving ahead in this new paradigm, we cannot create from will-power and/or ego. Those are old Earth energies that contain no life vibrance. The way to move ahead is to consciously create your life with the new energies of God-Truth vs. Earth-truth (Read Divine Partnership by Jean K. Foster for more details.). Essentially, it means operating and creating from myriad dimensions, all based in pure L-O-V-E.

Getting back to your current circumstances…

When you’re ready, lovingly connect to Source with a simple, sincere invitation. (Remember: No groveling necessary!) Be specific and invite in this energy with a sacred ceremony. Customize it based on what resonates for you, but essentially it is a loving circle of light for you and the Universe to engage once again. You are intentionally creating space for it. Give thanks, set out fresh flowers or a bowl of beautiful citrus, light a candle, burn incense… you get the idea. Be specific about why you want to strengthen this connection, e.g. to support humanity, to create, to learn to be a conscious manifester, etc.

Then, just wait and see! The Universe will graciously and quickly meet you in that space-of-invitation and together the collaboration will spark healing and brand new ideas for exponential expansion.

Loves to you,

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