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intimacyWhen most of us hear the word intimacy, we commonly think of sexual intimacy. But there is an aspect of intimacy that is vastly unexplored… an expression as sweet, more inclusive and with more everyday applications than sexual intimacy. That is: establishing an intimacy with the whole of humanity by your willingness to see others and to be seen by them.

Let’s explore both of these components.

What does it mean to truly ‘see’ others?

In part, it means accepting people as they are, not how you’d prefer them to be. The truth is you do not know the soul journey of others. They are on their journey; you are on yours. You may not even fully understand your own, so at your first impulse to judge another, free yourself and them, and simply love. You’ll be amazed at what opens for you both when you genuinely love others as-is.

higher selfTruly seeing others means digging deep within yourself–if you must–to see others as Divine. It’s there. We are often so blinded by our own judgments and criticisms that these facets are hidden from our view. Although you might perceive them (or yourself) as broken, the truth is: they are expressions of The Divine, walking around–sometimes knee-deep–in the beauty and complexities of humanity. Regardless of external circumstances, don’t let that prevent you from seeing a soulful being emanating Divinity.

Seeing others also means providing unconditional encouragement and support for their perspectives on life. You don’t have to agree to encourage and support others. Trust The Divine to guide their direction. You can be a very powerful catalyst by being an active listener. Stop your own inner dialogue and really listen. If you listen to the person in front of you with an open heart and your own inner Divine Guidance, often nothing else is required of you.

So how can you support and encourage others with your words? By saying things like:

  • “I can see how passionate you are about that. I wish you every success.”
  • “I believe in you and know that you will make the best choice possible. Things will work out beautifully.”
  • “How can I support you in this?”
  • “I share the vision you have for your life and join you with my whole heart to bring about the best outcome for everyone involved.”
  • “I have every confidence that miracles will line up for you and I am excited to see how all of this unfolds.”

As you can see, none of these statements requires you to necessarily agree with the perspectives of another. Let them have their experience, fully supported by your energy, and you both win.

to me you're perfectWithholding love serves no life form. It is one facet of the cycle of death. Your choice is simple: be a conduit of more love or more fragmentation. When you see others as souls instead of personalities, you really can love in new ways.


What does it mean ‘to be seen’ by others?

Really being seen begins with you; what purity naturally emanates from you and what truth you portray.

It means showing others who you really are, not who you think they want to see. It means being the highest version of your most authentic self at all times. It means your words, thoughts, intentions and actions consistently deliver one unified message of integrity. Only then can you really be seen. If you are not being your high self, what others see is an imposter; poser; illusion-of-the-truth. And how can others see (honor and love) you if what you project is an illusion?

To be seen means that what you portray and what others experience of you is in congruence.

vulnerableTo be seen may mean showing your vulnerability; revealing the tenderness of your spiritual underbelly. And sometimes that’s scary, but alas this is the life of a luminary: being the one at the forefront, modeling new behaviors so others can see how it works and map to these incredible new energies.

See and be seen = true intimacy. There are no other options in the new paradigm.


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