emailYou might not think of the signature area in your emails as marketing content. Although it is one of the tiny pieces of your overall marketing plan – hence being often overlooked – it is significant.

Think of how many emails you send every day. Every email is an opportunity to make another impression on prospects or maintain existing customer relationships.

As you prepare to launch into 2015, this is the perfect time to take even as little as 10 minutes to ensure that your email signature is as succinct, pertinent and as impactful as possible.

To accomplish that, here are the key elements to create a signature line that capture and convey what you have to offer in the small space available. Choose only those elements that are most important to making a high-impact impression.

  1. Your name
  2. Your title or accomplishments, if appropriate, e.g. president, CEO, founder, best-selling author, award-winning caterer
  3. Your mission/vision statement or tagline, if appropriate, e.g.
    inhale~enjoy~exhale (VedaSun.com)
    * the safe haven for taking tiny steps or quantum leaps on your evolutionary journey (Sparking Evolution)
  4. Contact information communicating the best ways to reach you, not necessarily allthe ways to contact you. Contact options include: Web site URL, email address, telephone numbers (office, cell), Skype name, etc. If you prefer that prospects and clients email you, only provide your email address. If you prefer that prospects and clients call you, only provide your telephone number. Additional contact methods can be listed on your Web site, but your signature line should only include the most likely ways that people can expect to receive a rapid response from you.
  5. Social media links; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube, etc.
  6. Logo or other image; to break up the copy and make the signature visually interesting.
  7. Favorite quotations
  8. Links to free content or featured products or services

The last point to emphasize is: change your signature line on a regular basis.

Because so much is shifting on the planet, in us personally, and in business, you want to make sure that something that leaves an impression every time (like your email signature) is an accurate portrayal of your latest-and-greatest offerings.

Your email signature is a living, vibrant piece of your marketing. As such, it deserves your attention to make sure it’s doing its best job for you and your business.